Godwin Transport GB: Building happy relationships with customers is key to success

Godwin Transport GB: Building happy relationships with customers is key to success

Building positive relationships with our customers that stand the test of time is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.

It’s therefore always a pleasure to receive positive feedback from our clients, as we aim to ensure every customer receives the best possible level of care, support and attention.


A great start on which to build

Chris Goodman, transport manager at Godwin Transport GB, recently contacted us to highlight the excellent start to our relationship with his firm after the company recently joined Fuel Card Services.

He said: “I am very happy with the help and information provided every step of the way by [our account manager] Leanne.”

Chris described how she “went above and beyond in helping us get set up”.

It’s not just the positive customer support that has impressed him to date, however, as Chris went on to add: “The type of cards and where to use them are important to us for our buses and the recommendations [made by Leanne] will help us to operate a controlled and profitable business.

“I look forward to a happy relationship, if the service received so far is anything to go by.”

Godwin Transport GB is a coach travel provider based in Peterborough. The company makes use of the Shell fuel card to draw diesel fuel for its fleet of 14 coaches and minibuses. The firm has a monthly spend of approximately £28,000.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Such a positive start to our relationship bodes well for the future, and it’s this extra level of care and attention that we provide to every client that helps us to stand apart from our competition.”

Roswick: Going above and beyond is the FCS way

Roswick: Going above and beyond is the Fuel Card Services way

Support for our clients is our number one priority at Fuel Card Services, as we always aim to go above and beyond in helping them to save and have a great experience when working with us.

As such, it’s fantastic to hear from customers who have had a positive experience with Fuel Card Services, and that’s been the case with the latest feedback we’ve received from construction specialist Roswick.


Doing our best to meet our customers’ needs

Laura Dowd, office manager and buyer at Roswick, praised the efforts of the firm’s account manager Donna, adding that she is “always helpful and willing to go the extra mile”.

It’s fantastic recognition of the efforts of our account management team, and Donna in particular, as this is precisely what we want to hear from our customers when they get in touch.

Moreover, Laura described Fuel Card Services as the “best fuel company we have ever come across for both price and services” – quite the endorsement, we hope you agree.

Roswick operate a fleet of 14 vehicles and their drivers draw both petrol and diesel using fuel cards from Fuel Card Services.

The company is a civil engineering, utilities and concrete frame provider based in north-west England. They were founded in 2011.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “To receive such glowing feedback for Donna and to be told that we’re ‘the best fuel company’ the client’s ever worked with is simply amazing. We always aim to deliver the very best in customer service and this latest testimonial goes to show that our efforts are not going unrecognised.”

M Movers great customer service to partnership

M Movers: Great service leads to a growing partnership

Hearing how we’ve helped to satisfy the needs of our customers is always a highlight of the day for everyone here at Fuel Card Services.

As such, it was with great pleasure that we received a glowing testimonial this month from a longstanding client.


Helping our customers to do more

Mark Bates, transport manager at M Movers, commented that the business has been a customer of Fuel Card Services for several years, but recently the company has seen a significant push to use the service more fully.

He singled out Tabitha, his account manager, for special praise, saying her help has proven invaluable in explaining the most suitable fuel cards for motorway travel and town use, with the firm choosing to expand its use of both the Esso and BP fuel cards as a result. It’s a decision that has proved to be highly beneficial for the business in recent months.

“The benefit to M Movers has already been seen, with our drivers out on the road overnight now able to use the fuel card instead of transfer of cash,” Mr Bates stated. “Our daily fill up routine, 6am, has become easier at the local Esso, in that we can trust a card to a driver, who helps out with the lorries, etc, as required.”

He concluded that the whole process and switch has now given them “much more flexibility.”

M Movers operates a fleet of between eight and ten transit vans and artic trailers. Each month’s spend on the BP and Esso fuel cards move up and down depending on seasonal demand, but the company has witnessed considerable savings in recent months.

Furthermore, Mr Bates is currently exploring the use of vehicle trackers through our Tele-Gence services, with the prospect of taking on further products in the coming months.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to hear about the outstanding support Tabitha has been able to provide to M Movers to date, while the fact the company is considering expanding its partnership with Fuel Card Services is also a fantastic development.”


Fast and reliable service

Kemada: Fast and reliable service makes all the difference

Ensuring that all our customers receive a high level of care is essential to delivering an outstanding level of service and that’s something we pride ourselves on at Fuel Card Services.

It’s therefore always a pleasure to hear from a satisfied customer and that’s been precisely the case with electrical, mechanical and civil engineering installations specialist Kemada.


Always on time and efficient

Kayleigh Reeve, accounts administrator at Kemada, recently got in touch with us to highlight the benefits of the reliability of our service in terms of pricing and invoicing delivery.

She noted that the service the company has received from Fuel Card Services to date has been “very efficient and helpful”.

“They always send a weekly fuel price on time, invoices are sent on the same day weekly, which helps with our reports and they help with my request when needing a live report,” Kayleigh said.

Meanwhile, the excellent level of customer service offered by their account manager Shelley has also made a highly positive impression on Kayleigh.

Indeed, she added: “Shelley has been extremely helpful when ordering/cancelling fuel cards, she replies very quickly and helps with any query I may have. Great customer service!”

Kemada specialises in projects and contract services and operates a fleet of 18 vans and cars. The company makes use of the BP fuel card and draws both petrol and diesel for its vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Ensuring all of our customers can plan effectively for the future by receiving our pricing and invoicing on time, every time is the backbone of how we run our business. It gives us great pleasure to hear how this helps our clients to stay ahead of the game.”

Customer service

Pugh & Sanders: Customer service is key to client happiness

Our clients can always rely on Fuel Card Services to provide an excellent standard of customer service.

This is one of the standout factors that helps to ensure our customers stay with us for the long-term and always feel they can come to us should they have any problems and they’ll be quickly resolved.


Going above and beyond for our customers

Heidi Holden, accounts controller at Pugh & Sanders, recently contacted us to praise the outstanding level of service she’s received since moving to Fuel Card Services.

She said: “We moved from another supplier because of poor customer service. Since moving, Mike [our account manager] has given excellent customer service and deals with any enquiries promptly and efficiently.

“We would recommend Fuel Card Services.”

Pugh & Sanders specialises in the provision of stock replenishment systems, and has branches in Burton, Derby, Wakefield and Tamworth.

It operates a fleet of vehicles offering same-day and next-day deliveries throughout the UK. The company was founded in 1988.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “We pride ourselves on always going above and beyond for our clients. It’s great to hear that Heidi and Pugh & Sanders are so happy with our efforts to date.”