Tele-Gence Telematics

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Keep track of your vehicles with improved security and 24/7 fleet visibility

Keep track of your vehicles with improved security and 24/7 fleet visibility

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Why Does Your Fleet Need Telematics?

Improved Fleet Security

Don’t let the thought of a stolen vehicle keep you up at night – be alerted if your vehicles move out of hours or your trackers are tampered with, plus much more!

Increase Fleet Visibility

You’ll never lose sight of your fleet with our telematics system. See where your vehicles are, what they are doing, and which driver is closest to a new job.

Seamless Fuel Card Integration

Already using our fuel cards? Tele-Gence integrates perfectly with your account, meaning you can get fuel fraud alerts and accurate MPG reports.

Why does your fleet need telematics

How Does Our Telematics Service Work?

Keep Your Fleet Secure with Telematics

Our advanced telematics service, Tele-Gence, is designed to equip fleets with the very best in market technology, allowing 24/7 visibility of your vehicles and assets.

Tele-Gence devices and cameras

How does telematics improve security?

You’ll be alerted if your vehicles are moving out of hours.

You’ll be alerted if your trackers are tampered with.

You can set up Geofences, and you’ll be notified when assets are taken out of these zones.

Our asset trackers avoid detection from scanners, meaning thieves won’t be able to remove them prior to stealing.

Whether your vehicles are kept overnight in a depot or at your drivers’ homes, you can rely on Tele-Gence to make sure you always know where they are.

Tele-Gence devices and cameras

Our Easy-To-Use Online Portal

See What Our Telematics Customers are Saying

“The tracking system is incredible. Not only can we monitor where members of staff are we can also prove what time they have arrived/left addresses and different building sites cutting out any arguments from clients about arrival times.”

“The best thing for the trackers though is it can be accessed by myself at anytime and anywhere, giving me full access instantly.”

Norman Brooking Builders

“One of the most important things for us was to get the telematics devices fitted when our vans were not where they are based, this was at locations all over London”

“Tele-Gence carried out our wishes, which saved us countless hours of lost time and worked perfectly for our needs.”

Installation Technology

“Teething issues were dealt with very quickly and we now have a new tracking system that is as good as Jamie said it would be.”

“Cannot fault him or the company. Would highly recommend them.”

Wesley Avery

“Our business was already using Shell fuel cards, so when we wanted trackers for our vans (for security purposes), it made sense to choose the same company that was giving us such a good service.”

“From the initial enquiry to implementing the tracking system – everything went smoothly.”

“We now have a wealth of knowledge about our fleet at our fingertips.”

“I’d recommend FCS to any company looking to install trackers.”

THERA-Trainer UK

“Great attention from all the team, right from the beginning with showing the platform, throughout the setting up period and after care.”

“The trackers are helping us to provide a better service to our customers by knowing in real time where the engineers are.”

The drivers, at the beginning, were sceptical about having a tracker fitted to their vehicles, but I spoke about this with the Tele-Gence team who were very helpful in providing us some ways and sentences to convince them that it was for the best, not only for the company, but also for the engineers themselves. Having the trackers allows us to control out fleet better and, having the weekly reports, allows us to clearly see how we can improve.”

TS Plumbing and Heating Services Limited

“Quite simply, no one else provides the level of service that Fuel Card Services does”

“When people phone offering their services, I quite happily explain all of the benefits – linked fuel cards, excellent reports, a dedicated team that stays in touch, and they all quietly go away.”

“I’ve been impressed with the level of professionalism, the help and support, and with the relationships that I am building with Fuel Card Services… we are reaping the benefits.”

BML Utility Contractors

Integrate Telematics With Your Fuel Cards

Already a Fuel Card Services customer?

Link your fuel card to Tele-Gence for advanced fuel insight and greater control!

Fuel Fraud Alerts

Tele-Gence can notify you when your fuel card is used but the vehicle is not in the same location.

It will help to prevent future theft and avoid dishonest transactions such as fuelling up non-company vehicles.

MPG Reports

Tele-Gence can provide accurate MPG reporting, a key requirement for most accreditations e.g. FORS.

This helps to ensure your vehicles are running as efficiently as possible. Poor MPG might indicate fraud, poor driver behaviour, or underperforming vehicles.

Integrate Fuel Cards with Tele-Gence

Never Lose Sight of your Fleet

Driver Behaviour Scores

For each trip, drivers are given a score out of 100. Points are deducted for every instance of:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration

Your scoring system can be customised however you wish.

Find The Nearest Driver

Got a job that needs completing quickly?

Drop a pin on the address of the job, and Tele-Gence can find the nearest driver.

Less fuel & time is wasted, and your customers remain satisfied!

Cameras (Driver & Road Facing)

Gain context on every incident. Was another road user driving dangerously? Was your driver on their phone?

Our cameras record every incident, meaning you can always be certain what happened and who was at fault.

Devices & Cameras

Create your own bespoke package

We understand that your business is unique and so are your tracking needs.

Tele-Gence goes beyond standard vehicle tracking allowing you visibility of assets, people and incidents.

Get in touch today to find out more!

Keep your fleet secure with Tele-Gence

Hardwired Trackers

Hardwired Tele-Gence Tracker
  • Engineer installed
  • Hidden in vehicle to avoid tampering
  • Power disconnect alerts if tampered with

Asset Trackers
Asset Trackers

Tele-Gence Asset Tracker
  • Recommended for security on valuable assets and as a back-up device
  • Self-installation
  • IP67 waterproofing

Self-Install Trackers

Self Install Tele-Gence Tracker
  • Security of a Hardwired Tracker with the flexibility of a Plug-In Device
  • Self-installation
  • Compatible with all cars, vans & HGVs

Connected MDVR Camera

MDVR Camera
  • View and download footage instantly via platform
  • All in one camera and tracker
  • Footage available on request

Connected All-in-One Camera

  • Driver facing and rear facing camera options available
  • Different options available to meet bespoke requirements
  • All our camera options have inbuilt tracking

Driver ID
Driver ID

  • Great for fleets where drivers swap vehicles
  • Identify and report on who was driving which vehicle at a specific time

Privacy Button
Privacy Button

Privacy Button
  • Helps with mileage claims
  • Driver can specify whether trip is business or private

Applying for your DVS permit?

For fleets operating in London, meeting the Direct Vision Standard is a must.

Our Tele-Gence experts can help you to minimise the number of blind spots in your vehicles with a selection of cameras.

Get in touch to find out more! 

Find the Right Telematics Plan For You

Compare the Pro and Lite versions of Tele-Gence, and find the right plan for your business!




Real time alerts via platform to email if vehicle is involved in an impact or tracker is disconnected from power

Advanced bespoke alerts for odometer/ time-based reminders and out of hours movement. SMS alerts available on request

Fuel card integration

Fuel fraud notifications


Customisable reports scheduled to your inbox including timesheets and mileage reports

Advance reporting suite inc. excessive idling, zone reporting and reminders


View and download event footage connected camera devices within platform


Dedicated UK-based support team and online support portal with knowledge guides and live chat assistance


Updates every 10 seconds

Smartphone enabled

Roaming SIMs and European coverage

User roles

Unlimited administrator roles with the ability to customise each user’s access (Lite restricted to 2 standard users)


Analyse your fleet data including driver performance league table and fuel trends across different cost centres and asset groups

Driver behaviour

Tailor driver behaviour scores to determine your best and worst drivers

Monitor dangerous speeding with Overspeed Profiles and set maximum speed restrictions for vehicles compared to road speed


Multiple map layers such as street, hybrid, and satellite view

Real time traffic


Report and alert on activity within unique geo-fence zones

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would Tele-Gence be good for my fleet?

Tele-Gence is designed to help you give you the best possible control of your fleet.

You can monitor driver behaviour so you know that they are not only being safe, but making the most of every litre of fuel. Are your drivers idling when they shouldn’t? Are they braking harshly and turning dangerously? You can see it all within the Tele-Gence software!

All reports are automated, and you can customise them to see the information that you need. Tele-Gence can report on the MPG of each vehicle, time spent idling, and can even rank your drivers so you know where improvements are needed.

Once you have a camera in your vehicle, you can download footage straight to the Tele-Gence software, so there’s never any doubt about what’s happening out on the road.

Plus, you can link Tele-Gence to your fuel card account, which helps to highlight potential fraudulent card usage and improves the MPG reporting.

How does Tele-Gence work?

We offer a variety of hardwired and self-install trackers for your vehicles, as well as two camera options. Once in your vehicle, the Tele-Gence software is ready to track your assets.

You can view all of your fleet activity through the Tele-Gence software, which will show you where your drivers are (updating every 10 seconds or less), whether they are being safe or not, live traffic updates, and more!

What if my drivers don’t want telematics installed?

Contrary to popular belief, telematics software isn’t going to tell tales to the police or record in-vehicle conversations. Fleet managers may wish to reassure their employees that they are protected by company policies concerning privacy at work, and Tele-Gence comes with a privacy button for when they use their vehicles for personal use.

Showcasing and demonstrating the software to your employees is a great way to dissuade any fears they may have. The system is designed to help improve their safety and ensure the business reaches its targets. Some fleets even use data from Tele-Gence in incentives, by offering rewards to the safest drivers for example.

What is telematics in a vehicle?

Telematics refers to the collective system of applications, communication services and technologies used to collect and track data in vehicles. This can include GPS systems, black box technology, vehicle diagnostics and tachographs. Telematics systems are invaluable for fleet management, allowing fleet operators to effectively manage driver behaviour, vehicle faults and errors, and journey and asset tracking. You can read more about what fleet telematics is and the role it plays in fleet operations on our blog.

What does a telematics system do?

Gathering data on driver behaviour, vehicle activity and location, engine diagnostics and more, telematics is in place to collect and manage data to allow fleet managers to allocate time, money and other resources effectively. You can read more on the benefits of fleet telematics systems on our blog.

Is telematics a tracker?

While telematics systems can include vehicle and asset trackers, they are not tracking devices in the conventional sense. They do, however, track a wide range of vehicle data, such as engine performance, fuel consumption, speed and idling, and more. This data can then be used by fleet managers to ensure that vehicles are operated and maintained safely and effectively.

Who are Fuel Card Services?

Since 1990, our mission has been to connect businesses with the fuel cards and fleet services that suits their needs.

We’ve partnered with over eight of the leading fuel providers to help your UK business make smart and practical decisions around how you pay for fuel.

Over 50,000 businesses have trusted us to help them manage their fuel costs, and we are even rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

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