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Fuel Card Services works with every major fuel brand to offer you competitive fuel prices that can help your business save money.

Whether you’re struggling with costs, pump locations, or fuel availability, our range of fuel cards is well equipped to meet your needs. Click on the logos above to find out more about a particular brand, or click on the cards below to dive deeper into each product offering.

Complete a quick enquiry form to help you narrow down your fuel card search, or if you’re looking for a precise quote, apply now and get in touch with one of our friendly experts to find out exactly how much you could save.

Our Range

Allstar One Fuel Card

  • The only fuel card you will need
  • Save on fuel, tolls, expenses, managing servicing and more
  • Pump price fuel card, accessing over 7,600 sites
  • Covers all major oil brand and supermarket sites
  • Includes 120 motorway sites across the UK
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BP Fuel Cards

  • We have a BP fuel card to suit, no matter what size of fleet
  • Quality fuels, variable pricing options
  • Access to nationwide network of 1225 sites
  • Also buy fuel via the BPme payment app to speed up refuelling
  • Access to great products and offers through BPme Rewards
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Esso Commercial Fuel Card

  • Access to 1300 Esso branded sites offering fixed weekly prices
  • The Esso Commercial fuel card is ideal for car and LCV fleets
  • Over 70% of people live within a 2-mile radius of an Esso site
  • Save up to 10p per litre at participating motorway sites
  • We’ll send you advance weekly notification of diesel prices
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Gulf /Pace /EMO Fuel Cards

  • Interchangeable cards, all accepted at 2,500 sites
  • Provides local refuelling in some of our less populated areas
  • Avoid wasting fuel on detours
  • All charges for petrol or diesel are covered by a single invoice
  • Accepted for M6 toll
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Keyfuels Fuel Card

  • The Keyfuels card is perfect for LCV and HGV fleets
  • Access to over 3,400 sites across the UK
  • Includes over 700 HGV sites
  • Gain significant savings on diesel
  • Use this card for the M6 toll, truck wash and secure parking
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Shell Fuel Cards

  • Variable pricing options, save up to 10p per litre on diesel
  • Extensive country-wide network
  • We have a Shell Fuel Card that is just right for your business
  • Earn rewards and receive 10% off all hot drinks and food with Shell Go+
  • Superb on-site facilities including food, drink and restrooms
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Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card

  • Real savings on diesel and petrol
  • No transaction fees incurred at Texaco sites
  • Perfect fixed price fuel card for card and LCV fleets
  • Access to over 3,000 sites and accepted at many more
  • Save up to 10p per litre at participating motorway sites
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UK Fuels Fuel Card

  • Accepted at over 3,000 sites across the UK
  • Offers competitive fixed weekly prices on diesel
  • Weekly price notifications in advance
  • Discount diesel also available from Moto motorway sites
  • Recommended for LCV diesel fleets
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How to choose between fuel cards?

The amount of choice you’re presented with may at first seem overwhelming, but don’t worry – choosing between fuel cards isn’t too difficult. Some key considerations you should make are:

  • Understanding your pricing requirements. We often differentiate by looking at price per litre.
  • Determining availability. You’ll want to ensure that the provider you choose has the right coverage to suit the routes of your fleet. Each of our providers have thousands of sites across the UK, so whatever your problem, we can help you find a solution.
  • Additional costs. We’ll help you identify which extra costs are associated with each type of fuel card, which could for example be a transaction fee at each station.
  • Rewards and benefits. Some providers offer rewards schemes to help you save even more money- good to watch out for.

To learn more, read our article on how to compare fuel cards, although the best way of making an informed decision is to request a quote from our friendly team.

A helping hand

We’re on a mission to connect businesses with the right Fuel Cards. We’ve partnered with over eight of the leading fuel providers to help your UK business make smart and practical decisions around how you pay for fuel.
Our support doesn’t end there, though. We also offer a range of fleet services to help support you with managing your operation. These include apps to record vehicle mileage, maintenance and repair support, and advanced telematics.

Fuel Card Services can not only save you money on fuel but, with an extensive range of relevant services, we can save you time and money on key areas within fleet management, including:

  • Telematics
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Vehicle checks
  • Mileage expenses

We can even help you find your nearest fuel pump. Choose from our range of services above, or read on to find out more about how Fuel Card Services can support your operation.

Our range of Commercial Fleet Services

Tele-Gence – smart telematics

  • Flexible, customisable system, tailored to your requirements
  • Improves safety for your drivers & security for your vehicles
  • Automates reporting to make your job easier
  • Improves MPG by up to 20%, reducing costs across your fleet
  • See driver performance to promote improved behaviour

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MyService.Expert – cost-effective vehicle maintenance and repair

  • Take advantage of pre-negotiated rates at thousands of garages
  • Including main dealers and independents nationwide
  • Easy-to-use online system is pay-as-you-go
  • Alert reminders for MOTs, services and regular maintenance
  • One consolidated HMRC-compliant invoice for fuel & maintenance

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MyDriveSafe.Expert – vehicle checks on your phone

  • Carry out checks on your mobile phones
  • Information is transferred to manager’s portal
  • Full reporting and compliance
  • Reduces time, both on checks and admin
  • Stay legal by checking your vehicles are safe to drive

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MileageCount – accurate reporting of mileage claims

  • Record and report every mile of every journey in any vehicle
  • Smart, all-in-one software, does it all for you
  • Can reduce mileage claims by up to 21%
  • Can save up to 3 hours admin every month
  • Maximise savings by preventing overclaiming

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Drivers Club – fast, free fuel-finder app

  • Save time & money by finding your nearest service station
  • No more unnecessary detours
  • Track down your preferred fuel brand
  • Find 24 hour service and HGV-friendly sites
  • Plus special offers and the latest driving news

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