RFT Services: FCS account managers are 'helpful, knowledgeable and professional'

RFT Services: FCS account managers are ‘helpful, knowledgeable and professional’

Ensuring our staff are knowledgeable, professional and always helpful is the cornerstone of our customer service commitment at Fuel Card Services.

Being able to offer a comprehensive service that fully meets the needs of our clients is something we see as central to our business.


Always willing to go above and beyond

Nolan Cook, fleet manager at RFT Services, recently contacted us to highlight his personal gratitude for the excellent service his account manager Donna has been able to provide.

“Fuel Card Services provided us with an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional account manager,” Nolan said.

“Donna was instrumental in our current choice of card and, although we haven’t managed to achieve huge cost savings, we have got the service we require in the areas we require it. This service is absolutely vital in our business and our driving factor for the supply of fuel cards we need. ”

RFT Services was established in 2013 and is based in Norfolk, offering social housing services across the East of England. The firm operates a mixed fleet of mainly vans – more than 200 in total – and has a monthly spend of approximately £60,000.

The company makes use of the Allstar fuel card and draws both petrol and diesel fuels.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Donna has done a fantastic job in going above and beyond to meet the needs of RFT and it’s something all our account managers aim to deliver with every client.”

Arbus: Reliability and trust build strong business relationships

Arbus: Reliability and trust build strong business relationships

Successful business relationships are built on customer confidence, with clients sticking with companies that can deliver sustained reliability day after day and year after year.

Heather Petters of highway fencing specialist Arbus recently contacted us to highlight the strength of our ongoing relationship, revealing they’ve never had an issue that Fuel Card Services hasn’t been able to resolve.


Successful relationships are built on trust

Ms Petters stated she’s “never had any complaints” when it comes to the service she’s received from us. She argued the present strength of our relationship is testament to the years of hard work that have gone into building such a successful working relationship between our two firms.

“We have been with Fuel Card Services for around seven years now and never had a problem with them and always found them very helpful,” she said.

“There is no charge on fuel cards, which makes a big difference, also they have an online portal where you can manage everything yourself, from ordering or cancelling cards to setting mileages.”

Overall, Ms Petters was extremely pleased with the service we continue to provide.

Arbus has offices in West Sussex and Suffolk and operates a mixed fleet of approximately 30 vehicles, using BP, Shell and Texaco fuel cards. The firm draws both petrol and diesel fuels, with a monthly spend of around £3,000.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “We’re always looking out for our client’s best interests when recommending products and services that could help to save them time and money. At Fuel Card Services, we’re in it for the long haul, so we really appreciate when longstanding customers are so happy with our work.”

How do you know when your car needs coolant

How do you know when your car needs coolant?

Keeping your engine cool is a critical factor in ensuring your vehicle runs efficiently and does not face the risk of overheating and causing potential damage to vital components that can be extremely costly to repair.

As a result, knowing when to add additional coolant to your engine is a must for all motorists. There are some tell-tale signs that your vehicle may be running low on coolant, so take the time to read our handy top tips below.


What are the signs your car needs a top-up?

Most new cars will have automatic systems to detect excessive heat due to a lack of engine cooling, but for older models, drivers must keep a close eye on their engine and ensure regular maintenance to top up any engine fluids.

A dashboard warning light will illuminate to warn the driver that water/coolant levels are getting low, while a rise in the temperature gauge is also a first sign that there might be a problem. Billowing steam, a hot bonnet and a lack of control over the interior heating are also signs of temperature issues with the engine.

An automatic engine cut-off is installed in most new vehicles, which is designed to prevent damage to key engine parts when temperatures spike. However, if your car is not fitted with this type of system, the onus is on the driver to keep coolant levels effectively topped up.

When you fail to recognise the warning signs that your car has inadequate cooling, you risk damaging some of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine.

Due to the high temperatures created when the car is running, poor cooling can result in severe damage to the water pump, head gasket, cylinder and piston timing, cylinder head, warped or bent connector rods, or even crank failure.

Failure to properly maintain your vehicle can even result in the car becoming a write-off, so vigilance is key when it comes to topping up coolant.

How to fill up your engine’s coolant

The process of topping up your engine’s coolant is actually relatively straightforward.

First, ensure the engine is cold, the handbrake is applied and the vehicle is in first gear, then raise the front of the vehicle on jacks and ensure the back wheels are chocked to prevent any movement.

Next, place a container below the engine’s radiator and undo the drain valve and remove the filler cap. Now, flush the system as many times as necessary to ensure it is completely empty.

Locate and remove the reserve coolant tank from the vehicle and drain any remaining fluid, then replace the tank securely and close the drain valve.

Refill the system to the base of the filler neck with the correct coolant for your vehicle (specifications can often be found in your vehicle handbook).

Finally, bleed the system of all air by briefly running the engine, turning it off and topping up once more. Repeat this process until the coolant level remains static when the engine has been turned over. Securely replace the radiator cap to complete the process.

MyService.Expert offers access to a nationwide network of garages that offer professional servicing and repairs for all drivers. By signing up to our scheme you can also make considerable savings on vehicle maintenance, with discounts of up to 25 per cent on all parts and labour.

Primo Drinks: Fast resolutions help keep our customers satisfied

Primo Drinks: Fast resolutions help keep our customers satisfied

Ensuring customers’ problems are dealt with quickly and professionally is the hallmark of any business that takes the satisfaction of its clients seriously.

So, when we hear that one of our customers is extremely pleased by our own commitment to ensuring the problems they face are rectified as swiftly as possible, it fills us with great pride in our team.


Swift and efficient is a way to build confidence

Kelly Buxton, purchase manager at Primo Drinks, recently contacted Fuel Card Services to highlight the exemplary performance of their account manager in helping to resolve the problems they face as a business.

“Nathan has always been very fast to respond to emails to help rectify [any problems] and is always very approachable when needing to call him,” she said.

“I find Nathan to be very helpful when any issue comes up and [he] is efficient in [his] communication.”

Primo Drinks is a specialist wholesaler in the beverage sector and operates a fleet of 50 heavy goods vehicles and cars. The company sees its monthly spend vary throughout the year, but draws all of its diesel fuel via our fuel card products.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Helping to build the confidence of our customers that we take any issues they face seriously and that we’ll do everything in our power to fix problems quickly is what we’re all about.”

Coxon's Haulage: Professionalism and competitive prices help FCS stand out from the crowd

Coxon’s Haulage: Professionalism and competitive prices help FCS stand out from the crowd

At Fuel Card Services (FCS), we pride ourselves on always delivering a professional and price-beating service to our customers.

It therefore gives us great pleasure to hear from satisfied clients who contact us in this regard.


Strength of service helps to set us apart

Angela Coxon, an administrator at Coxon’s Haulage, recently messaged us to let us know that the service we’re providing is, in her eyes, a cut above the rest.

“We have always received a competitive price with FCS, therefore, enabling us to make savings on the fuel we purchase for our vehicles,” Ms Coxon noted. “We receive prices at the end of the week for the following week, which is very helpful.”

She went on to add that the level of service from our account management team also helps to ensure the business runs smoothly, commenting: “Our account manager is both professional and helpful at all times and she does not bombard us with unnecessary phone calls.”

The company specialises in transporting goods across the length and breadth of the UK and operates a fleet of nine heavy goods vehicles. The firm makes use of several of our products to draw diesel fuel for its vehicles each month.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Delivering a non-intrusive, professional service helps to ensure our clients have the best experience possible. We also pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest prices, bringing welcome savings to our customers.”