Features and benefits

Shell electric charging network

Access to nationwide network of charge points:

  • Over 7,500 charge points in the UK
  • Over 900 rapid charge points
  • Shell Recharge offers rapid charging (50kW-150kW) and is powered by 100% renewable energy sources
  • Ionity with ultra high-power charging (350 kW)
  • Over 270 Shell Recharge sites

Charging network available and payable with your Shell Card and Shell Recharge App

✓ Shell Recharge
✓ New Motion
✓ Ubricity
✓ Alfa Power Charging
✓ Alfen
✓ Char.gy
✓ ChargePoint
✓ E-Flux
✓ EV-Box
✓ Fastned
✓ Franklin Energy
✓ has.to.be
✓ Ionity
✓ LastMileSolutions
✓ Mer
✓ Osprey Charging
✓ Porsche
✓ Virta

Shell Recharge

Shell’s on-forecourt rapid-charging EV network that uses 100% certified renewable energy, providing vehicle with 0-80% charge in 30 minutes

While recharging, drivers can use their charge time to enjoy the facilities, grab a refreshment and take a well-earned rest.

Shell Recharge App

Access to Shell Recharge offers at Shell sites

Easily find a charge point near you and charge point information with real time availability

Receive notifications when your favourite charge points become available

Start, stop and pay for charge sessions remotely

View availability, power details for specific charge points

Download the Shell Recharge App on Google Play

Download the Shell Recharge App on the Apple App Store

Get rewards with Shell Go+

A rewards programme that rewards you every time you visit:

  • Get 10% off delicious food ranges on the go, every time
  • Get 10% off every hot drink every time

Why E-mobility is good for your business

  • Reduce costs – Increase efficiency, reduce consumption of traditional fuels and lower emissions
  • Showcase climate leadership – Climate leaders are those who are pushing the limit for what companies or organisations can do to combat climate change
  • Meet regulations – Develop emissions management to conform with ever-increasing legislation
  • Improve competitiveness – Embrace technology that gives you more insight and control, equipping your fleet to compete more effectively

Shell’s complete fuelling solution in one card

✓ Save 2p per kWh
✓ Access to over 7,500 charge points across the UK (including over 900 rapid charge points)
✓ Access to over 3,800 sites for traditional fuel

Card charges and transaction fees may apply