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Find out everything you need to know about electrifying a commercial fleet, including which EVs to choose and how to power them.

Electric vehicles

At Fuel Card Services, we’re committed to helping businesses embrace change and electrify their fleets as we move closer to the UK’s Net Zero 2050 target.

We can support with:

EV Knowledge Hub

If you’re a UK business that’s looking to electrify, get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Charging on the road with our EV Charge Cards

EV Charge Cards provide an easy way to pay for charging on-the-go.

With our Shell EV Charge Card, you can save 2p per kWh and access over 7500 charge points across the UK.

More EV Charge Cards will be launching soon.

Charging at home*COMING SOON*

Need your drivers to charge their vehicles at home for work purposes? We can help you choose the right chargers and get them installed at your drivers’ homes.

We will also soon offer a solution that accurately pays drivers’ energy suppliers directly for the cost of charging their company EV at home. This solution integrates with drivers’ home charge points and energy suppliers to calculate the exact cost of charging their EVs at home.

This means drivers don’t have to submit their expenses or receipts each month.

We already offer MileageCount which makes recording and reporting business mileage easier than ever. MileageCount accurately and automatically records every mile of every journey, and makes it easy to separate business mileage from personal use.

Charging at the workplace *COMING SOON*

Ready to explore workplace EV charging options? We’ll soon be able to help you with a tailored workplace charging solution – from site surveys, charge point selection to set-up and installation.

EV knowledge hub

We have been helping businesses go electric since 2020, and we’ve created a bunch of helpful content to help fleet operators and drivers get to grips with the latest legislation, tips and strategies.

Can you use a fuel card to charge electric vehicles?

1st December 2021

The UK’s transition towards zero emissions means that businesses are going to be turning to electric vehicles to fuel their operations. Why, then, should a fleet manager stick to using...

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When will electric cars be cheaper than petrol?

18th June 2021

Car owners are well aware that electric cars are likely to be the future, but are holding off buying one until they become cheaper than petrol. Whilst there are plenty...

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The cost of electric cars for UK fleets

14th May 2021

A common myth surrounding electric vehicle fleets is that they will cost your business more than fossil fuel burning vehicles. This is the main reason why 50% of fleet managers...

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Electric charging infrastructure

We’re preparing to launch a new scheme to help businesses install the right charging infrastructure to safely and efficiently charge electric vehicles when not in use.

Watch this space for more updates, or sign up below to be notified of when our electric charging services launch.

EV Charge Cards and Vehicle Support Specialists

At Fuel Card Services, we’re here to help fleets embrace electrification across the board. Beyond EV charge cards and charging infrastructure, we also offer a suite of advanced fleet services that can help businesses become more efficient.

This includes our MileageCount offering, which makes recording and reporting your business mileage easier than ever. MileageCount accurately and automatically records every mile of every journey, and makes it easy to separate business mileage from personal use.

Reduce mileage claims by up to 21%, plus your drivers can save up to 3 hours on admin per month!

Browse our complete suite of fleet services, or speak to our experts for general support around electrification.