Workplace Charging

Commercial EV charging solutions for your business

bp Workplace Charging
bp Workplace Charging

EV Transition Made Easy – Transform Your Workplace

Whether you’re running an electric fleet, or simply looking to make your workplace more EV-friendly, we can help you build an EV strategy that works for your business.

We have partnered with bp pulse to help you transition to electric vehicles without disrupting your everyday operations, no matter what your needs are.

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Workplace and Business EV Charging Solutions

Fleet Charging

Fleet Charging

Your charging infrastructure needs to be carefully planned. Build an EV strategy that works with your business, not against it.

Office Charging

Office Charging

Future-proof your office car parks with a flexible charging solution.

Depot Charging

Depot Charging

Transform your depot with a customised charging solution.

Destination Charging

Destination Charging

Build an EV strategy that your car park users can depend on.

Our Electric Vehicle Chargers

bp pulse Pro Lite

Smart, seamless, fleet and workplace EV charging

bp pulse Public Lite

Smart, seamless, public and workplace EV charging

bp pulse Pro Smart

Smart, seamless, fleet and workplace EV charging for the future

bp pulse 300

300kW ultra-rapid DC charging for public and depot.

bp pulse T50

50kW DC Rapid, seamless, public, workplace and depot EV charging

bp pulse 150

150kW ultra-rapid DC charging for public and depot

Your network, your way

With our Workplace charging management platform, you can easily set up and manage your private network of charging stations.

You can set your own tariffs, track usage, and invite staff, drivers, and visitors all from one convenient online platform.

Protecting your investment with bp pulse care

We understand that managing charging infrastructure can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to it.

That’s why we offer bp pulse care, a comprehensive support package that takes the hassle out of EV charging.

With bp pulse care, you’ll get:

Remote availability monitoring and fixing

Over the air software updates

On-site response within 48-hours, plus on-site maintenance

Call-out parts and labour included

Monthly and annual reports, plus a yearly inspection

24/7, 365 customer care phone support

Frequently asked questions

Why would bp Workplace Charging be good for my fleet?

Workplace Charging is a fantastic choice for businesses that want to transition to an electric fleet, or give their employees a convenient place to charge their vehicles during working hours.

bp pulse can install a variety of chargers to meet your needs, including ultra-fast, rapid chargers, destination chargers, and office chargers.

Employees who drive electric vehicles often appreciate the convenience of workplace charging, which can boost employee engagement. It therefore makes sense for any business to upgrade their facilities with bp pulse’s Workplace Charging solution!

How does bp Workplace Charging work?

We’ve partnered with bp pulse to help you to build your EV strategy around you. Once your needs have been established – whether you’re planning building developments, running a fleet or dealership, or looking to transition your workplace to welcome EV drivers – FCS and bp pulse will develop a plan to revolutionise the way your business charges its vehicles.

With a large variety of chargers, such as rapid chargers, ultra-fast, destination chargers, and office chargers, these will be incorporated into your tailored EV strategy, and bp pulse can even do the installation work, making EV transition easier than ever!

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