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What is fleet management?

If your firm runs commercial vehicles of any kind, you need a fleet management solution. Whether you have hundreds of vans or just a couple of company cars, a clear...

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What is telematics?

Telematics is a big deal for the fleet sector. Deploying this technology lets you transform your fleet management, giving you better insight into every part of your operation. This can...

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Construction tool theft on the increase as sites forced to closes

Plant and asset robbery surges as construction sites shut down amid the current circumstances. The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) has reported a sharp spike in thefts up to 50% in...

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3D-printed parts ‘could be future of vehicle development’

SEAT's CUPRA design team has unveiled a new 3D printing production technique that the manufacturer claims could revolutionise car design in the future. Using 3D-printed parts to test aspects of...

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Future of Transport review could see new tech boost for UK travellers

A review into transport legislation will aim to deliver cleaner, greener, smarter and more flexible transport solutions for UK travellers in the coming years. The Future of Transport review is...

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Van drivers urged to be safe and use hands-free technology

Fleet drivers have been urged to put safety first after a poll showed a worryingly high number are still using mobile phones behind the wheel. The survey, carried out by...

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Tracking your route to success with Tele-Gence

Today’s fleets are under tremendous pressure to deliver reliable, efficient and legal operations. The reality of being able to see drivers and the performance of each vehicle in real-time –...

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One-third of drivers ‘don’t know how to use in-car tech’

New cars are packed full of the latest technology and gadgets, with everything from in-car entertainment to satellite navigation, connected telematics and much more. That said, the plethora of tech...

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Connected cars ‘could improve driver and pedestrian safety’

Safety should always be a top priority for motorists, so the advent of new technology that could help to reduce the likelihood of accidents is always to be applauded. Now,...

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