Pump Locator – Find a Fuel Station Near You

At Fuel Card Services, we understand that it’s sometimes difficult to find the right type of fuel if you’re in a hurry on the job or running low. That’s why we’ve created a hassle-free Pump Locator tool to do all the hard work around finding a local petrol station for you.

If you’re driving within a commercial fleet, or you’re a fleet operator, then you may be interested in using our:

Desktop fuel pump locator

Which you can sign up for just below in under a minute.

Fuel station locator app

We’ve also developed the free-to-download mobile app ‘Drivers Club’ that works to quickly find your nearest petrol station – meaning you won’t have to waste any time on unnecessary detours.

Our Drivers Club app features the following benefits:

Pinpoint 1000s of
forecourts across the UK

Access premium services, big brand offers, and additional benefits

Keep up to speed on the latest driving trends and essential announcements

Whatever petrol you need – we have you covered

Whether you’re looking for petrol from Shell, Texaco, or other leading providers, our app can point you to a fuel station close by. It covers brands including: