Gulf, Emo, Pace Fuel Cards

The ‘local’ diesel and petrol fuel cards with access to 2,500 sites across the UK, including N. Ireland.

If you’re looking to source the highest quality of fuel to make powering your commercial fleet cost-effective, then the following fuel cards could be a great option for you:

Guel fuel card

Pace fuel card

Emo fuel card

These brands place a real focus on local communities, and are renowned for bringing reliable and efficient fuels not only to major filling stations, but also to petrol stations in more rural areas. Enjoy a straightforward pricing model and fast refuelling.

The benefits of Gulf, Pace, and Emo fuel cards


Accepted at 2,500 sites

Accepted at all Gulf, Pace and Emo service stations and all Keyfuels sites.

Toll payment

Pace, Emo, Gulf fuel cards now accepted for M6 toll

*Subject to small surcharge

Local refuelling

Sites also found at those less populated parts of the country

Dedicated account manager

To help you get the most out of your Gulf, Pace or Emo fuel card account


Save on administration

All refuelling covered by a single VAT-compliant weekly invoice

Save on fuel

Avoid wasting fuel on detours, cards are interchangeable

Interest-free credit

Refuel now, pay later – lowers cost

Free price notifications via email

Weekly diesel prices* available in advance

*Fixed diesel price on Keyfuels sites only


No unauthorised

Fuel card use can be restricted to limited types of purchases

Quality fuels

Quality fuels to protect your vehicles’ engines

Manage your account securely online

Through our portal: My Fleet Hub. Check transactions, cancel cards, etc.


Fuel Card Services is owned by DCC PLC, a FTSE 100 company

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One time registration to use all our pump locators and our free mobile Drivers Club app!

Find fuel fast near your location, either online or via the app

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Save up to 10p per litre on fuel

Find the best fuel card for your business and start saving.