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Fuel Card Services can not only save you money on fuel but, with an extensive range of relevant services, we can save you time and money on key areas within fleet management, including:

  • Telematics
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Vehicle checks
  • Mileage expenses

We can even help you find your nearest fuel pump. Choose from our range of services above, or read on to find out more about how Fuel Card Services can support your operation.

Our range of Commercial Fleet Services

Tele-Gence – smart telematics

  • Flexible, customisable system, tailored to your requirements
  • Improves safety for your drivers & security for your vehicles
  • Automates reporting to make your job easier
  • Improves MPG by up to 20%, reducing costs across your fleet
  • See driver performance to promote improved behaviour
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MyService.Expert – cost-effective vehicle maintenance and repair

  • Take advantage of pre-negotiated rates at thousands of garages
  • Including main dealers and independents nationwide
  • Easy-to-use online system is pay-as-you-go
  • Alert reminders for MOTs, services and regular maintenance
  • One consolidated HMRC-compliant invoice for fuel & maintenance
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MyDriveSafe.Expert – vehicle checks on your phone

  • Carry out checks on your mobile phones
  • Information is transferred to manager’s portal
  • Full reporting and compliance
  • Reduces time, both on checks and admin
  • Stay legal by checking your vehicles are safe to drive
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MileageCount – accurate reporting of mileage claims

  • Record and report every mile of every journey in any vehicle
  • Smart, all-in-one software, does it all for you
  • Can reduce mileage claims by up to 21%
  • Can save up to 3 hours admin every month
  • Maximise savings by preventing overclaiming
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Drivers Club – fast, free fuel-finder app

  • Save time & money by finding your nearest service station
  • No more unnecessary detours
  • Track down your preferred fuel brand
  • Find 24 hour service and HGV-friendly sites
  • Plus special offers and the latest driving news
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Why should you use our fleet services?

Over the course of the last 15 years, we’ve been working hard to tailor our fleet services to meet the needs of businesses all around the UK.

What are fleet services?

Every company that operates a fleet wants to find ways to make efficiencies and save on costs. While having the right fuel cards is a good starting point, there are a range of additional measures you can take to improve your business’ bottom line today.
One of these is by using an intelligent tracking system to monitor the movements of your fleet. That’s why we’ve developed tele-gence; which not only gives you the right data and insights to determine how best to save money, but it also improves driver safety and is supported by our UK based team.

Another essential part of fleet management is maintaining and repairing your vehicles. To aid with this, MyService.Expert offers you pre-negotiated repair rates at thousands of garages across the UK, making vehicle repair simpler and getting you more bang for your buck. We’ve also developed a MyDriveSafe.Expert service which enables your drivers to conduct and report on vehicle checks via their phones- helping you spot potential problems and tackle them quickly.

Technology is shaping essential fleet services

There can be no shying away from the importance of technology when it comes to managing your operation. Understanding your mileage, for example, is crucial. Our MileageCount software automatically records and reports on every mile your vehicles travel, helping to keep an accurate track of your mileage, regardless of whether you’re fleet vehicles are owned, grey, or leased.
But innovations in the industry aren’t just about tracking and maintaining fleets, they’re also about supporting drivers. That’s why we’ve developed the Drivers Club app, which gives your drivers peace of mind by making it incredibly easy to find the nearest fuel station.