MileageCount – Automatically Track Business Mileage

MileageCount will record and report every mile of every journey in any vehicle – automatically. Accurate,

dependable and effortless, its all-in-one software makes it easy to record, manage, process and submit mileage

records for all owned, leased and grey fleet vehicles used for business. Reduce mileage claims by up to 21%, plus

your drivers can save up to 3 hours admin per month.

Benefits of our MileageCount service

  • Save time

    Save time

    Regain thousands of billable hours

    Research shows 54% of drivers take over 2 hours to submit mileage claims every month – 10% take over 8 hours! Time spent filling out forms means time lost working. Management save time too, MileageCount calculates driver’s deductions or reimbursements seamlessly into an auto-generated payroll file.

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  • Save money

    Save money

    Reduce mileage claims by up to 21%

    Accurate reporting avoids costly over-estimations, and transparent business journey information helps identify ways to improve efficiencies. Our research shows that MileageCount can also reduce business mileage claims by up to 21%. See what you could save with this simple tool.

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  • Save worry

    Save worry

    Remove concerns about HMRC compliance

    HMRC requires complete, accurate mileage reporting. Every journey incorrectly reported and mile over claimed isn’t just an unnecessary expense, it risks HMRC investigation. If HMRC find your records are inaccurate, fines can date back years. MileageCount, developed in conjunction with Big 4 accountancy expertise, is the easiest way to ensure compliance through accuracy.

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  • Save even more

    Save even more

    Your drivers will never have to record their business mileages again – we’ll do it for them.

    Add our Tele-Gence smart real-time tracking system and trip mileage is automatically downloaded from Tele-Gence to the MileageCount platform. You can even add Privacy Buttons to separate private and business mileage, making the driver submission even easier.

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Check out our different recording device options to find a solution that fits the needs of your fleet:

USB Dongle


Plug and play, and simple to use. Requires a USB port in Windows laptop or computer to upload instantly into the driver’s online portal.

USB iBeacon with app


Journeys automatically recorded and easily uploaded from either the Android or iOS app into the driver’s online portal.

Tele-Gence tracker


Journeys automatically uploaded into driver portal from your tracking device. The easiest solution for drivers.

Manual with app


No device required. Manual start and stop functions. Journeys automatically recorded & easily uploaded from app to online portal.

Case studies and testimonials

We saved £200k a year

Mears Group chose MileageCount,
for automated recording & reporting.

700+ drivers spent less time on admin each month, working out to over £200k annually. Plus meeting HMRC’s reporting guidelines.

Ideal for a diverse workforce

L’Oréal chose MileageCount, delivering a complete package with fuel cards.

The super simple driver interface provided enough flexibility for a fleet of around 320 vehicles, including company and private cars.

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Find out how to reduce mileage expense claims by up to 21%

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