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At Fuel Card Services, we recognise how important it is for fleet operators and commercial drivers to stay in the loop with the latest developments and updates in the industry.

That’s why this blog comprises informative guides, blog articles, and case studies to help shine a light on topics such as fuel cards, fleet management , and UK driving laws.

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Understanding the legal drink driving limit

1st July 2022

Alcohol impairs your cognitive ability, motor function and reactions times, making driving under the influence of alcohol a fast track to accident, injury and even death. For the sake of...

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Fuel cards for small businesses

Here at Fuel Card Services, we believe that small businesses should be able to enjoy and benefit from the savings and free account management perks that large fleet operators enjoy....

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What is hypermiling – can it save your fleet money?

10th June 2022

Many businesses with fleets of vehicles will be feeling the bite of current fuel prices, which have been rising drastically since the start of 2022. Fleet managers will be looking...

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The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Cars

20th May 2022

Cars are the most common type of vehicle used by commercial fleets in the UK, and these can be owned either by a business, or owned by an employee and...

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Where can drivers park on the road?

13th May 2022

Many businesses use drivers to make deliveries. Whether it's food or parcels, the UK lockdowns saw the rate of deliveries increase quite dramatically. With more drivers making deliveries, this means...

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Does driving an electric vehicle help to protect the environment?

Friday 22nd April is Earth Day! It's a day devoted to supporting environmental protection, so there's no better time to start thinking about what we can do to combat climate...

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How can efficient driving reduce fuel costs?

8th April 2022

Fuel efficient driving is all about taking or omitting actions in order to optimise your vehicle’s fuel usage and keep expenditures down. With fuel prices fluctuating in 2022, optimising fuel...

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Choosing the right EV for your fleet

Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years, and with the incoming 2030 ban on fossil fuel burning vehicles, it might be time for your business to start...

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Are employers responsible for driver eyesight?

25th March 2022

According to research carried out for National Eye Health Week, there are 9 million drivers on UK roads whose quality of vision is below the legal requirement. Poor eyesight can...

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