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Electric or hybrid cars for commercial fleets?

24th November 2021

The cost of new vehicles is always a huge factor for fleet managers to consider. It can require capital investments worth thousands of pounds, which can have a serious impact...

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Why do drivers use tolls roads in the UK?

19th November 2021

Drivers on UK roads are likely to have encountered a toll road at some point. In fact, there are 23 toll roads in the UK, and 18 of those are...

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How long does it take to charge an electric car?

Drivers have been sceptical about how long it takes to charge an electric car since they began to increase in popularity towards the end of the 2000s. It’s understandable since...

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A Guide to Congestion Charges

10th November 2021

The first congestion charge was introduced to London in 2003 by its first mayor, Ken Livingstone. It sought to charge drivers within a designated zone at a fixed daily rate...

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Wrong fuel in car – what should I do?

So you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car. It’s a surprisingly easy mistake to make that plenty of drivers have made. In fact, What Car? suggests that someone puts...

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How long do electric vehicle batteries last?

EV batteries are one of the many things that may seem daunting to drivers considering the transition from a combustion engine vehicle. How long can they expect these batteries to...

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London ULEZ expands becoming 18 times larger

27th October 2021

The ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in London has expanded this week. Let’s go over which areas are affected and how these changes will impact drivers. What is the ULEZ in...

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Why don’t we see many Diesel Hybrids on our roads?

22nd October 2021

Since hybrid vehicles arrived on our roads, motorists have wondered why they always seem to be paired with a petrol burning engine instead of diesel. After all, the idea makes...

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Attracting and retaining HGV drivers

20th October 2021

The UK is in the midst of a HGV driver shortage which is having a severe impact on a number of different industries. From insufficient delivery services to supply chain...

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