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How the semiconductor shortage has impacted vehicle manufacturing

30th July 2021

The world is in the midst of a huge semiconductor shortage that has the potential to wreak havoc on vehicle manufacturing. What started as a temporary delay has escalated quickly....

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7 top tips for driving in a heatwave

28th July 2021

Countries around the globe have been hit by heatwaves throughout summer 2021, and the UK is no exception. Contrary to the typically grey, overcast weather that we brits love to...

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Government support of the haulage industry during the driver shortage

23rd July 2021

The government recently announced a package of support for the road haulage industry to combat the growing driver shortage. Unfortunately, the pandemic has only exacerbated an already urgent crisis. Why...

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Electric roads – charging your car while driving

21st July 2021

There’s a vision shared by tech industry leaders, environmentalists, and governments around the world to replace our current vehicles and infrastructure with more sustainable electric equivalents. Closer to home, the...

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How to save money on fuel during rising petrol prices

16th July 2021

Over the last 6 months, petrol prices have been rising steadily. The UK hasn’t seen petrol as expensive as this in 8 years, back in September of 2013. What are...

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Is there a use for PLVs in your fleet?

14th July 2021

PLVs are becoming a more attractive option both for personal transport and commercial use. This is, in part, because improvements made to electric vehicle technology in recent years could hugely...

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Top Tips For Optimising Your Dash Cam Usage

9th July 2021

With many drivers now reaping the benefits of a dash cam, it appears that their popularity is only set to increase. There are a number of advantages of this technology,...

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Prevent yourself from being a victim of catalytic converter theft

7th July 2021

A worrying new statistic shows that catalytic converter theft has risen by over 100% since 2019. This is a growing problem UK, as well as several reports of similar crimes...

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What to do when your vehicle receives a zero star DVS rating

2nd July 2021

As of October 2020, it has been compulsory for HGVs to comply with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) in order to drive in the Greater London area. This standard rates...

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