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London ULEZ expands becoming 18 times larger

27th October 2021

The ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in London has expanded this week. Let’s go over which areas are affected and how these changes will impact drivers. What is the ULEZ in...

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Why don’t we see many Diesel Hybrids on our roads?

22nd October 2021

Since hybrid vehicles arrived on our roads, motorists have wondered why they always seem to be paired with a petrol burning engine instead of diesel. After all, the idea makes...

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Attracting and retaining HGV drivers

20th October 2021

The UK is in the midst of a HGV driver shortage which is having a severe impact on a number of different industries. From insufficient delivery services to supply chain...

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Should vehicle stopping distances be updated in 2022?

15th October 2021

Whether you are studying for a theory test or have been driving for many years, it’s important to know your vehicle’s stopping distances. However, the distances stated in the Highway...

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Tips for managing fleet maintenance

While it would be nice if commercial fleets could operate year-round without fault, that isn’t the core goal for experienced fleet operators. Instead, what’s useful is to understand the range...

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DVSA roadside vehicle checks for commercial vehicles

8th October 2021

When driving a commercial vehicle, it is possible that you will be stopped for a roadside vehicle check. This could be by the police, or by an officer for the...

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Vehicle speed limiters: prepare your drivers for 2022

6th October 2021

While there’s currently no global standard speed limit that all countries and organisations can agree on, it’s clear that speed limits exist to minimise the potential danger to life posed...

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Government publishes roadmap to decarbonising transport by 2050

1st October 2021

Decarbonisation is a truly global trend with which many governments are engaged. Only through limiting the amount of carbon produced by industry can we look to slow down the rate...

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Could your van’s branding void your insurance?

29th September 2021

Branding your vans with some appealing signage is a great way to advertise your business, but does it have a negative impact on your insurance? Many businesses might not think...

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