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How can Fleet Managers deal with electric vehicle range limitations?

16th April 2021

With the need to adopt the use of electric vehicles increasing each year, so does the need to consider how fleet management will be affected. Fleet managers have been overseeing...

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Top 4 fuel choices for your fleet – which is right for you?

14th April 2021

When you're operating a fleet, keeping costs as low as possible is a key consideration if you're going to turn a profit. And one of the main costs for any...

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Do company drivers save money by claiming for private fuel?

For drivers of company cars, it is possible to have their employers pay for their private fuel. However, the number of drivers making use of this benefit has been declining...

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What are the implications of accelerating the shift to zero emissions?

7th April 2021

The UK's shift to a low-carbon economy is well underway. Yet amid concerns that original plans weren't ambitious enough, it's now clear that the pace of this change is accelerating....

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Allstar adds 110 charging points to the EV network

2nd April 2021

In a recent deal with Gronn Kontakt, Allstar have secured an additional 47 charging sites to their network. These sites add 110 charging points to Allstar’s multi-branded network. Gronn Konakt,...

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We often overlook the key characteristic of the rainforest: rainfall

Earth’s rainforests receive high levels of rainfall each year, often up to 400 inches compared with less than 40 in the UK. A great deal of this rainfall comes from...

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The importance of fleet duty of care

All UK companies have a legal obligation to ensure their employees don’t suffer any unreasonable or preventable harm or loss in the workplace. This is known as duty of care....

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How to use Shell rewards

If you're looking for a good fuel card for your business, there are many things to think about. As well as the savings you expect to achieve on petrol and...

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Where can I use my fuel card?

With so many fuel card locations and options out there, it’s common that the question is asked, ‘where can I use my fuel card?’. Where you can use your fuel...

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