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Clean Air Zones: What do they mean for drivers and businesses?

12th May 2021

With environmental issues becoming more of a priority for nations across the globe, the UK government has been turning its attention towards policies aimed at lowering harmful greenhouse gas emissions....

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What new electric vans are going on sale in the near future?

7th May 2021

We’re seeing more and more electric vans go on sale as we draw closer to the 2030 ban on diesel and petrol van production. Petrol and diesel vans being used...

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How fleets could get more miles from electric vehicles

5th May 2021

With concern about the environment on the rise and strict emissions targets in place to curb climate change, it is hoped electric vehicles could make a big contribution to lowering...

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Creating a business case for introducing telematics

Whilst we know that telematics can offer fleets a great deal of benefits, it is worthwhile for fleet managers to craft a business case that outlines the potential return in...

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How can service plans help save fleets money?

There are many tasks to juggle as a fleet manager, not least ensuring all of your vehicles are roadworthy and safe at all times. Due to general wear and tear...

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Can synthetic fuels save the combustion engine?

23rd April 2021

The idea that synthetic fuels could sustain the life of cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) brings hope to many car lovers. Whilst the introduction of electric vehicles is a...

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Telematics for fleets: Debunking common black box myths

There are many add-ons to vehicles today that are designed to improve life for drivers. From heated windscreens to reversing cameras, we enjoy a more luxurious life on the road...

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How can Fleet Managers deal with electric vehicle range limitations?

16th April 2021

With the need to adopt the use of electric vehicles increasing each year, so does the need to consider how fleet management will be affected. Fleet managers have been overseeing...

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Top 4 fuel choices for your fleet – which is right for you?

14th April 2021

When you're operating a fleet, keeping costs as low as possible is a key consideration if you're going to turn a profit. And one of the main costs for any...

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