James Pugh & Son: 'Always a pleasure' to deliver great service to our customers

James Pugh & Son: ‘Always a pleasure’ to deliver great service to our customers

At Fuel Card Services, we aim to ensure our customers have the best experience possible, so we love to hear from satisfied clients when they get in touch. And that was precisely the case for road haulage and warehousing specialist James Pugh & Son, who contacted us earlier this month.


Bending over backwards to help

James Pugh & Son is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and operates a fleet of 14 articulated and rigid lorries, drawing DERV using both the Key Fuels and UK fuel cards. The firm has a monthly spend of approximately £30,000.

Managing director Dave Mather contacted us directly to highlight the excellent relationship his company has forged with their account manager at Fuel Card Services, Lindsay.

He stated that Lindsay provides a “great service” and is always “a pleasure to deal with”. He added that his team really appreciates the fact that Lindsay “bends over backwards” to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Indeed, it gives us great pleasure to receive such glowing feedback for one of our own, while at the same time affording us the perfect opportunity to highlight the efforts of all our account managers in doing the absolute best to support our customers.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Helping our customers to resolve their issues with the minimum of fuss and disruption is always a top priority for the team. Everyone here is committed to ensuring our clients always enjoy the best experience possible.”

Dewar Fork Trucks - enjoying the benefits of cheaper fuels

Dewar’s Fork Trucks: We’re enjoying the benefits of cheaper fuel

We pride ourselves on our customer support here at Fuel Card Services, as well as our ability to help clients get the most out of their money where fleet management is concerned.

So it was great to hear that one of our customers – St Albans-based forklift truck supplier Dewar’s Fork Trucks – has enjoyed top-notch service and made valuable savings since switching to us.


Good service and value for money

Elizabeth Clarke of Dewar’s Fork Trucks got in touch with us to share the company’s experiences since switching to Fuel Card Services.

Having spent several years paying a premium rate for fuel from another provider, the company decided to switch to us after Elizabeth got all the information she needed from one of our account managers, Mike Anderson.

Elizabeth said Mike was “very patient” and answered every question she had, and since making the move Dewar’s Fork Trucks have been “pleasantly surprised” by the amount of money they’re saving.

“Mike has always answered the few queries I’ve had since changing over to Fuel Card Limited promptly and adequately.  I’m very impressed by his customer service,” Elizabeth added.

The company uses a combination of lorries, cars and vans, drawing both petrol and diesel fuel and spending about £1,000 each month.

It’s great to receive this positive feedback from a switching customer, and we’ll be working hard to ensure Dewar’s Fork Trucks stay happy and keep saving money in the future.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “A big well done to Mike for the hard work he’s put in to bring this client onboard and keep them happy. We’re always delighted to hear from a satisfied customer!”

Good prices and choice of locations - John Grose

John Grose: Good prices and choice of locations boosts our business

Keeping the customer happy is our top priority here at Fuel Card Services, so we’re always delighted to receive positive feedback from satisfied clients.

Suffolk-based new and used car sales specialist John Grose recently got in touch to share what they value the most about working with us.


Good rates and locations

John Grose has enjoyed various aspects of working with Fuel Card Services, including our competitive rates and speedy ordering of new fuels.

Accounts assistant Leit Henry said it’s also really useful that we’re able to send reports that help with the management of the company’s fuel cards.

Furthermore, the wide range of locations where the cards can be used was a “key factor” in why the firm chose to work with us, proving particularly beneficial for their drivers.

John Grose has a mixed fleet of cars and vans, drawing both petrol and diesel and spending between £35,000 and £40,000 a month.

As well as making the most of Fuel Card Services’ competitive rates and wide range of locations, the car sales specialist has also enjoyed the benefits of MyFleetHub, our one-stop shop for complete vehicle management.

“The new website Fleethub for the management of cards is very useful to find up to date information whenever needed,” Leit said. “Having the data you need available straight away is very useful for our business.

“The personal skills of the staff adds value to the experience of using fuel cards.”

All in all, a happy customer, which makes us happy too.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “We were absolutely thrilled to get this positive feedback from John Grose, and particularly happy to hear they have been making the most of MyFleetHub. Here’s to many more years of a successful working relationship!”

Great staff give clients a boost

CIBC: Great staff give our clients a boost

Providing the best level of customer service is a top aim of Fuel Card Services, so to hear from happy clients about the great things that our staff get up to is always good news.

One such client to be pleased as punch with the efforts of our team is Staffordshire-based Commercial Interior Building Contractors (CIBC).


Giving our all to support our customers

Lisa Hill, director at CIBC, recently contacted us to give us the lowdown on how happy her company has been with the support of their account manager Donna.

“She is a very friendly and happy person, you feel like you are talking to a friend rather than talking to a supplier,” Lisa commented.

She continued that “Donna is very professional and efficient” and added it is always “a pleasure to speak with her”. She even went as far as describing Donna as a “gem”.

Helping our customers to resolve their problems and make the most of our service is always high on our list of priorities, so to hear about the sterling support that Donna has been providing is music to our ears.

CIBC specialises in the refurbishment of commercial office space across the UK and has a monthly spend of approximately £600 on fuel. The firm makes use of the UK Fuels, Certas and Allstar fuel cards for its fleet of two vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Donna has done a fantastic job in helping to support CIBC, but this is far from an isolated case. We always do our best to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting our clients and meeting their fuel card needs.”

Lynx testimonial

Lynx: Outstanding support is key to long-term relationships

At Fuel Card Services, many of our customers have been with us a long time and it gives us great pleasure to have such longstanding clients. The outstanding level of service that helps to set us apart from our competitors continues to be a significant factor in helping us to build supportive relationships.


Customer support is crucial to our success

Julian Patterson, director at transport specialist Lynx, recently got in touch with us to highlight his continued pleasure at working with Fuel Card Services.

He said: “We have used Fuel Card Services since we started in 2014 and have always found the service good and the call centre staff, particularly Leanne, very helpful.”

Such positive feedback highlights the importance we place on delivering an outstanding customer experience, as well as the benefits for ourselves and our clients in providing the best level of service that we possibly can.

The company is based in Norfolk and provides bus services across the surrounding region. Lynx makes use of the EuroShell fuelcard and has a monthly spend of approximately £75,000 for its fleet of 36 buses.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Supportive relationships are the bedrock of what ensures we deliver long-term benefits to our clients, so we always appreciate when our customers – both new and old – contact us to let us know how happy they are with our services.”