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Support and understanding are essential to meeting customer needs

Helping to support our clients when they face problems with their account is a key part of our service.

As such, we’re always happy to hear from customers who have had a positive experience when we’ve helped to sort out their problems.

Providing help and support when needed

John Rawson of racing pigeon transportation specialist Yorkshire Middle Route Combine recently contacted us to highlight his own positive experience of working with Fuel Card Services.

Mr Rawson was having difficulties accessing his customer account when a colleague became ill. However, our accounts team quickly provided alternative access arrangements for him and transferred the details into his name to ensure the smooth use of his fuel cards moving forward.

He said: “All staff I dealt with, either by telephone or email, were very friendly and saved me a lot of time and money sorting this out.”

Yorkshire Middle Route Combine makes use of the Shell fuel card from Fuel Card Services and has a monthly spend of approximately £1,000 for its fleet of HGVs and Transit vans. The company draws diesel fuel only for its vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Helping to support our customers when they face difficulties like ill health is important to us. We do all that we can to ensure our clients feel they are receiving the best service possible from Fuel Card Services.”

AEL Fuelcard Services testimonial

Swift resolutions keep our customers content

Providing a swift resolution when our customers face a problem is always a top priority for Fuel Card Services.

This was precisely the case for Ashgill Electronics, who contacted us recently to highlight the fast response and fixing of issues that we’re so proud of.

A fast fix makes all the difference

Poppy Corbett, finance director at Ashgill Electronics, explained how the company was having difficulty using our services at a local filling station. However, after a quick call to their account manager, Leanne Lord, the problem was rectified.

Poppy said: “I spoke to Leanne who sorted the problem quickly and highlighted other areas to help us. Leanne was incredibly friendly, polite and professional.”

She went on to add that Leanne also suggested a number of ways to help the company reduce its costs in the future and was later in contact with further information to help the business.

Ashgill operates a fleet of five vehicles, including vans and cars, and makes use of our Shell fuel card. The company has a monthly spend of approximately £800 and uses diesel fuel only.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “This is the kind of thing we love to hear from our clients. Leanne’s work is a great example of how Fuel Card Services takes its customer relationships extremely seriously.”


Strong relationships support happy clients for Fuel Card Services

Building strong relationships helps to ensure our customers are receiving the best level of support.

As such, it gives us great pleasure when a customer reaches out to highlight the positive experience they’ve had when working alongside us to meet their needs.

Always here to help

Clem Gilder, fleet administrator at Lister Wilder, has been in touch to highlight the positive relationship she’s been able to build with her account manager Helen Simpson.

“During the short period that we have used Fuel Card Services, I have found Helen to be helpful and quick to resolve any teething issues we may have had,” she stated.

“Going forward, a good client/supplier relationship is important to our company, as is making every endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible. We aim to maintain both of the aforementioned in what we hope will be a longstanding relationship.”

She added that despite only working with Fuel Card Services since the start of the year, it’s been a very positive experience so far.

Lister Wilder is active in the agricultural sector and operates a fleet of 160 vehicles, making use of both petrol and diesel fuels. The company has a monthly spend of approximately £50,000.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to see a positive relationship being forged between Helen and Clem. At Fuel Card Services, we pride ourselves on always supporting our clients, no matter their needs.”


Pixel Inspiration

Our expert support helps you get the best deal

The knowledge and expertise of our staff is what helps to set us apart from our competition, so it’s great to see clients getting in touch to share their thanks when our account managers go above and beyond.

This was a case in point for Pixel Inspirations.


Getting the best deal

Jane Harvey, office manager at Pixel Inspirations, highlighted the excellent support she’s received from her account manager Lindsay Taylor.

Lindsay suggested the company switched its fuel card in order to make savings and Jane was extremely happy with the results.

“She promptly answered my many questions, was happy to supply details on areas where I had no knowledge of the workings of the fuel card system,” Jane noted. “She was extremely helpful and I appreciate this.”

Pixel Inspirations is based in Altrincham and is a leading UK digital signage agency. It has partnered with a host of major names since the company’s launch in 2004, including the likes of O2, Halifax Bank, Argos, Thomas Cook and Volvo.

The business operates a fleet of 15 vans and makes use of our ShellOne fuel card. It has a monthly spend of approximately £4,000 on diesel fuel.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to see our partners benefitting from the knowledge and professionalism of our expert account managers. Well done, Lindsay, keep up the great work!”

Friendly staff help make the difference for FCS customers

Friendly staff help make the difference for FCS customers

The help and support of friendly, approachable staff can make all the difference when fostering strong customer relationships.

At Fuel Card Services, this is precisely the approach we’ve taken and it’s great to hear from clients like Skills Coaches that appreciate our efforts.

Close relationships being forged

Jim Croxall, operations team leader at Skills Coaches, recently got in touch with us to highlight the company’s excellent handling by their account manager.

He stated: “I’ve been in charge of the company’s card usage for a year now and have found all of Fuel Card Services to be helpful and friendly.”

Indeed, his account manager Kirsty has been proactive in quickly dealing with any queries the client may have, as well as regularly getting in touch with Jim to ensure everything is running well and operations are going as expected.

Any issues that our clients face can often be fixed by communicating with our staff, so it’s great to see such a dynamic and responsive relationship being forged between Kirsty and Jim.

Indeed, Kirsty added: “I took over this account at the end of February and instantly built a rapport with Jim. I found out who he was and what he needed and provided the service he deserves.”

Skills Coaches operates a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, including coaches, buses and double-deckers. The company is based in Nottingham and arranges tours throughout the UK and Europe.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Supportive, friendly relationships with customers are the backbone of our business and it’s this type of positive feedback that really validates our actions.”