Jameel Jameel Fuel Card Services

Jameel Jameel: Set up is easy with Fuel Card Services

The ease with which our clients are able to open new accounts and spread their fuel card savings even further is a great benefit of working alongside Fuel Card Services.

It’s always lovely to hear from a satisfied customer and that’s been exactly the case with property specialist Jameel Jameel.

Swift and easy setup for new and expanding accounts

Susan Read, accounts assistant at Jameel Jameel, contacted us to highlight the excellent level of support she’s received from her account manager Leanne Lord.

Leanne helped Susan to set up a second account with us, ensuring there was an easy setup process and a swift resolution for the client.

“We already have an existing account with yourselves, which we have always found to be very efficient, and as we have opened a new branch within our organisation we wanted a separate account,” Susan stated.

“Leanne has been absolutely brilliant in helping us set this up.”

The company operates a fleet of six cars and makes use of both petrol and diesel fuels. Jameel Jameel has a monthly spend of approximately £750.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “All our account managers deliver an outstanding level of service, but it’s especially welcome when our clients get in touch to share their appreciation for all of our teams’ hard work and diligence.”

M Movers great customer service to partnership

Watts Mechanical: Keeping things convenient with FCS

Convenience is key when it comes to managing your business effectively, so it’s great to hear from customers who are pleased with this important aspect of our service.

At Fuel Card Services, our teams work hard to deliver a great customer experience and to ensure every aspect of our business supports the needs of our clients.

Convenient and easy to use

Steve Watts, director at Watts Mechanical Services, has been in touch and highlighted how easy it’s become to reconcile his teams’ monthly spend on fuel, with full visibility into what’s being spent and where.

He noted: “It’s very convenient for their fuel expenses.”

Indeed, we ensure our customers have clear visibility into how their fuel cards are being used, providing a full breakdown on spend and regular updates on the cheapest places to fill up.

By helping out clients to more easily keep track of their spending, we help to ensure consistent savings for them and offer great peace of mind.

Watts Mechanical Services offers heating and plumbing services and makes use of the Shell fuel card for its fleet of vans and cars. The company spends approximately £800 per month on its cards and makes use of both petrol and diesel fuels.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Ensuring that every service we offer to our clients meets their expectations is one of our top priorities. So to hear of the high level of convenience that working with us provides is absolutely great news.”


Stairlift Solutions (UK): Extensive network coverage supports our customers

Our customers benefit from access to more than 7,000 locations to fuel their vehicles across the UK and it’s a selling point that truly resonates with them.

Indeed, Stairlift Solutions (UK) recently joined the Fuel Card Services family and our extensive reach is something they’re extremely happy with.

A wide reach with Fuel Card Services

Janice Pearson, office manager at Stairlift Solutions (UK), got in touch with us to highlight the ease with which their switch from a different fuel card provider was carried out, as well as the savings that the company now enjoys.

She said: “We found Fuel Card Services very helpful and resourceful to help us monitor our spending.”

Stairlift Solutions (UK) operates a fleet of five vehicles and had been struggling with coverage for their vehicles and a lack of customer service from their previous supplier.

By making use of the ShellOne card from Fuel Card Services, we’ve enabled the company to benefit from 45 per cent coverage for the whole of the UK at a single fixed price and also gave them access to their own personal account manager.

Furthermore, as a SafeContractor member they will receive a ten per cent discount for taking on additional services with us and are now considering the use of our Tele-gence service for dash cams and vehicle tracking.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s always nice to hear from happy customers and we’re extremely pleased to have been able to address the issues of Stairlift Solutions (UK) in gaining access to our extensive network.”


GDC Consultancy saves with Fuel Card Services

Here at Fuel Card Services, we aim to provide peace of mind to all our customers that their business needs will always be well catered for.

Geoff de Carteret of GDC Consultancy has been in touch to highlight the many benefits he’s found from working with us and how Fuel Card Services has never let him down.

Always helpful and offering savings

Geoff said: “Ben (our account manager) at Fuel Card Services always kept me up to speed with price changes, offers and was ever-present when I had queries or needed new/replacement cards.

“I can rely on the direct debits going out on time and I cannot think of a time when there was an error in the accounting! Peace of mind there.”

GDC Consultancy operates a fleet of two cars and spends approximately £200 per month on diesel. That said, in a previous role as HSQE manager at FSG Property Services, Geoff also worked alongside us and managed a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, securing some considerable savings.

He added that he’s also “had the pleasure of introducing Fuel Card Services to some of my clients”. One of which has seen itself steadily grow and is now making savings on ten vehicles’ fuel usage.

“I would recommend Fuel Card Services to anyone who is interested in saving money on fuel expenditure for their fleet,” Mr de Carteret concluded.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Offering peace of mind and great savings and service to our clients is what we are all about. It’s great to hear that clients like Geoff continue to advocate for the outstanding level of service we are able to provide.”

Golden Tree Surgeons

Golden Tree Surgeons: Visibility in spending with FCS

Transparency in how much you’re spending is essential to boost the profitability of any business and with Fuel Card Services that is precisely what we aim to deliver.

Indeed, tree surgery and landscape maintenance specialist Golden Tree Surgeons have said that’s one of the many benefits they’ve seen from working with us.

Tracking your spend with ease

Sandra Wood, office manager at Golden Tree Surgeons, recently got in touch to say how easy it now is to keep track of her team’s fuel usage, as well as the savings that the company’s been able to make since switching to Fuel Card Services.

“We are very pleased with the pricing, as we find that the cost per litre is less than we would be paying at the pump,” she said.

“The drivers don’t find any difference, they always know their registration number, and just need to check the mileage before they go to the kiosk. They also haven’t had a problem finding a site which takes the cards.”

She added that being able to have all of the information held in a single space has also been extremely beneficial in terms of keeping track of spending, as well as in reviewing the overall profitability of jobs.

Overall, Ms Wood stated working with Fuel Card Services has been a “really good experience, which I would recommend to anyone with several vehicles and a team [that’s regularly] out and about”.

Golden Tree Surgeons operates a fleet of five vehicles and makes use of the KeyFuels fuel card. The company spends an average of £1,200 per month on its cards and draws diesel only.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “We’re happy to hear of the fantastic savings that Golden Tree Surgeons have been able to make since working with us, while the ease of tracking your spending is a benefit we deliver to every client.”