luxfer Superform

Luxfer Superform: Fantastic savings with Fuel Card Services

Switching suppliers is never an easy decision to make; however, when customers move to us from other fuel card providers, we always go the extra mile to give them the very best experience possible. As such, it’s always fantastic when we hear from our satisfied customers and that’s been precisely the case with Luxfer Superform


Great savings and an easy switch

David Griffin, senior transport controller at Luxfer Superform, contacted us to offer his praise for the positive experience he’s had with us since moving to Fuel Card Services in July this year.

“We changed from our previous suppliers in July. The main reason for the change was due to price, and we are now saving about £1,000 per month on fuel costs.

“Since changing, it has also become clear that Fuel Card Services offer a better service than our previous supplier, as they would seldom get in touch to check if everything was okay.”

He added that our extensive network of filling stations up and down the country means the firm now has “a greater option of petrol stations we can use, which the drivers like”.

The company makes use of the BP and Shell fuel cards from Fuel Card Services for its mixed fleet of four vehicles. It has a monthly spend of approximately £3,800 and the firm’s drivers draw diesel fuel only.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Helping our customers to make considerable savings is all part of our company’s philosophy. We want to deliver the best deals possible to all of our clients and see them reap the rewards of cheaper fuel.”

Fairhome Group

Fairhome Group: Setting up new orders with ease with Fuel Card Services

The ease with which our team is able to handle client requests is one of the standout features that makes working with Fuel Card Services such a pleasure.

As such, it’s fantastic when we hear from happy customers who have experienced this speed and efficiency when having their requests resolved.

Quick and easy setup with Fuel Card Services

Jo Hall, purchase ledger team leader at Fairhome Group, recently contacted us to highlight how the support offered by her account manager Leanne has helped during a busy time for the business.

Fairhome recently set up a new account with us and required a new batch of fuel cards for its drivers. It was a process made all the easier by Leanne and something Jo was extremely appreciative for.

“Leanne has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process,” she said. “Everything has flowed smoothly, thanks to her help and advice.”

Fairhome Group is a property development and investment specialist based in Salford, Manchester.

The company operates a fleet of 12 vans and has a monthly spend of approximately £2,700. The firm draws both petrol and diesel fuel for its vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Supporting our clients to set up new accounts and cards with the minimum of fuss is something we always aim to deliver. It’s great to hear that Jo and Fairhome received such excellent support from our team.”

Fullwood Packo

Fullwood Packo: Exemplary customer service is the name of our game

When our team go above and beyond in helping to make the lives of our customers easier, we always want to celebrate that fact.

So, when Sue Whitley, support centre administrator at Fullwood Packo, recently contacted us to highlight the efforts of their account manager Donna, we were unsurprisingly excited.

Putting the customer first with Fuel Card Services

Sue offered praise of the highest order, saying: “Donna is the nicest, most polite and efficient person I have had the pleasure of dealing with in a very long time.

“I have never dealt with company cars or fuel cards before, so when I took them over last year Donna helped me immensely.”

Sue went on to beam about the “quick turnaround” when setting up new cards and the confidence she now has that her account is in a safe pair of hands, adding: “If I have an issue/question, she is always more than happy to help and do her utmost to solve them.”

Finally, Sue highlighted the importance of Donna’s sparkling personality, noting she always leaves their conversations together with a smile.

“Dealing with your company has been a joy,” she concluded, “which is mostly down to Donna.”

Fullwood Packo operates a fleet of eight vehicles at present, although this number will soon rise to ten in total. The firm’s card holders draw diesel only for the company’s cars and vans.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s amazing to see the positive impact that great customer service can have for ourselves and our clients. Keep up the fantastic work, Donna!”

Medic 1 Direct

Medic 1 Direct: A switch to Fuel Card Services pays dividends

We endeavour to provide an outstanding level of service for all our clients, so we’re extremely pleased when customers get in touch to highlight their satisfaction with working with Fuel Card Services.

This was recently the case for Medic 1 Direct – a specialist in the provision of medical services.

Greater control gives peace of mind

Jonathan Knight, accounts manager at Medic 1 Direct, highlighted the excellent level of customer service that he’s received from us, as well as the many benefits he’s found from a switch to Fuel Card Services.

“The management tools have allowed us a far greater level of control both for the card holders and management to review expenditure,” he stated. “The cards also offer a far wider range of sites with a single card than our previous provider.”

“Importantly, we are paying less per litre on the fuel with Fuel Card Services.”

Mr Knight noted that the savings so far have “equated to hundreds of pounds a month” and all of the firm’s driving staff have praised the simplicity of the service. Ultimately, he said, “it’s a great service and we are very happy with it”.

The company operates a fleet of 15 cars, vans, ambulances and road rail vehicles. Medic 1 Direct makes use of the Allstar One fuel card and has a monthly spend that changes throughout the year, rising during the warmer months. The firm draws both petrol and diesel for its vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to hear from a very satisfied customer and equally satisfying to see the many benefits that working alongside us is delivering for our clients.”

DBI Control Fuel Card Services

DBI Control: Outstanding support from Fuel Card Services

We always aim to ensure our clients receive the best level of support, right from the initial setup of an account through to how it’s managed moving forward.

As such, it’s always great when a customer contacts us to say how well our team’s been performing and the benefits they now receive from working with Fuel Card Services.

Easy to use fuel cards and always helpful

Chloe Picton of electrical engineering and control panel manufacturing specialist DBI Control recently got in touch to highlight the excellent start the business has had to partnering with us.

Ms Picton said: “Leanne was really helpful and explained all the options available to us so now we have made the decision to change to the fixed price card as we believe that is the best option for us.

“Overall, the fuel card makes paying the bills very easy and keeps [us] up to date with what is being spent by everyone in the company.”

She added that the switch to using fuel cards has also seen some knock-on benefits for staff, as they no longer need to spend out of their own pockets and then get reimbursed for the diesel they use.

Ms Picton concluded that DBI as a whole is “very happy with the service” we’re providing and, in particular, the sterling efforts of Leanne.

DBI Control operates a fleet of three vans and make use of the Shell One fuel card. The company spends between £300 and £500 per month on diesel fuel for its vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Receiving such high praise from another satisfied customer pays great testament to the efforts our team put into delivering the best possible service. It’s always nice to receive such positive feedback.”