M Movers: Great service leads to a growing partnership

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:11th August 2020

M Movers great customer service to partnership

Hearing how we’ve helped to satisfy the needs of our customers is always a highlight of the day for everyone here at Fuel Card Services.

As such, it was with great pleasure that we received a glowing testimonial this month from a longstanding client.


Helping our customers to do more

Mark Bates, transport manager at M Movers, commented that the business has been a customer of Fuel Card Services for several years, but recently the company has seen a significant push to use the service more fully.

He singled out Tabitha, his account manager, for special praise, saying her help has proven invaluable in explaining the most suitable fuel cards for motorway travel and town use, with the firm choosing to expand its use of both the Esso and BP fuel cards as a result. It’s a decision that has proved to be highly beneficial for the business in recent months.

“The benefit to M Movers has already been seen, with our drivers out on the road overnight now able to use the fuel card instead of transfer of cash,” Mr Bates stated. “Our daily fill up routine, 6am, has become easier at the local Esso, in that we can trust a card to a driver, who helps out with the lorries, etc, as required.”

He concluded that the whole process and switch has now given them “much more flexibility.”

M Movers operates a fleet of between eight and ten transit vans and artic trailers. Each month’s spend on the BP and Esso fuel cards move up and down depending on seasonal demand, but the company has witnessed considerable savings in recent months.

Furthermore, Mr Bates is currently exploring the use of vehicle trackers through our Tele-Gence services, with the prospect of taking on further products in the coming months.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to hear about the outstanding support Tabitha has been able to provide to M Movers to date, while the fact the company is considering expanding its partnership with Fuel Card Services is also a fantastic development.”