Golden Tree Surgeons

Golden Tree Surgeons: Visibility in spending with FCS

Transparency in how much you’re spending is essential to boost the profitability of any business and with Fuel Card Services that is precisely what we aim to deliver.

Indeed, tree surgery and landscape maintenance specialist Golden Tree Surgeons have said that’s one of the many benefits they’ve seen from working with us.

Tracking your spend with ease

Sandra Wood, office manager at Golden Tree Surgeons, recently got in touch to say how easy it now is to keep track of her team’s fuel usage, as well as the savings that the company’s been able to make since switching to Fuel Card Services.

“We are very pleased with the pricing, as we find that the cost per litre is less than we would be paying at the pump,” she said.

“The drivers don’t find any difference, they always know their registration number, and just need to check the mileage before they go to the kiosk. They also haven’t had a problem finding a site which takes the cards.”

She added that being able to have all of the information held in a single space has also been extremely beneficial in terms of keeping track of spending, as well as in reviewing the overall profitability of jobs.

Overall, Ms Wood stated working with Fuel Card Services has been a “really good experience, which I would recommend to anyone with several vehicles and a team [that’s regularly] out and about”.

Golden Tree Surgeons operates a fleet of five vehicles and makes use of the KeyFuels fuel card. The company spends an average of £1,200 per month on its cards and draws diesel only.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “We’re happy to hear of the fantastic savings that Golden Tree Surgeons have been able to make since working with us, while the ease of tracking your spending is a benefit we deliver to every client.”

Chillway Express Specials

Building trust with Fuel Card Services

Building a strong sense of trust is the foundation for any lasting business partnership, so it’s always great to hear when we’ve been able to do precisely that with a client.

Chillway Express Specials operate in the chilled transport sector and the company has been in touch with us to highlight their appreciation for the trusting and supportive relationship our accounts management team have helped to build.

Trust is key to successful relationships

Penny Stoyles of Chillway Express Specials contacted us to give recognition to her account manager Leanne Lord, who’s gone above and beyond to deliver an outstanding service during their time working together in recent months.

She said: “Over the past year and a half I have been dealing with Leanne Lord from FCS. Leanne is the most honest person that I deal with regarding fuel accounts and I know I can trust her. [We will also] potentially be looking to move our vehicle tracking across in the future to FCS.”

Chillway Express Specials operates a mixed fleet of 11 vehicles and makes use of both diesel and petrol. The company has a monthly fuel spend of between £2,500 to £6,500.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Building trust is essential to the smooth delivery of our services with all clients. It’s therefore great to see Chillway appreciate the efforts of our team, as we look to build a lasting and supportive relationship for many years to come.”

Hampshire Freight Services

Going above and beyond is the FCS way

All of our staff are here to support our clients, so it’s always a pleasure to hear that our customers are appreciative of their efforts.

For example, Hampshire Freight Services got in touch with us recently to highlight the outstanding performance of a member of our account management team.


Doing what’s best for our customers

Stephanie Mifsud, accounts manager at Hampshire Freight Services, had nothing but praise for her contact at Fuel Card Services, account manager Donna Marie Ridgeway-Buckley.

She said: “My experience with FCS has always been good. Donna has always been more than helpful from day one. From setting up all the accounts to ordering new and replacement cards, she has made the whole process very simplistic.

“As an account manager, the service Donna has provided Hampshire Freight Services has been consistently exceptional.”

Hampshire Freight Services operates a fleet of 35 heavy goods vehicles, with the client making use of BP, Shell and Esso fuel cards. It spends more than £50,000 per month on bunkered diesel fuel.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Our account managers are the backbone of our business and it’s always great to see members of staff receiving praise when they go above and beyond for clients.”


Approachable and friendly staff make all the difference

Our amiable account managers are at the front line of tending to the needs of our customers, so it’s always great to hear when their efforts have a real impact.

This was precisely the case for Playground Installations South West, who recently joined us as a new client.

Always here to provide support

Laura Baker, officer administrator at Playground Installations South West, has been in touch to share her positive experience of working with our account manager Leanne.

“Leanne helpfully talked through all the options available to us, so we could work out what would be best for the firm,” she commented. “There was no pressure to buy, just helpful, clear and friendly advice.”

“I am extremely thankful for all her help and great customer service throughout. She was so easy to deal with, approachable and always friendly.”

Overall, Laura revealed the company is very happy with our service, concluding: “Fuel Card Services make it easier for us to get fuel. It offers a flexible way for us to be able to get fuel without having to give out money or pay back employees.”

Playground Installations South West operate a fleet of three vans and have a monthly spend of approximately £1,200. They make use of the Shell One fuel card to draw both diesel and petrol fuels for their vehicles.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s great to hear from another satisfied customer and to know our top-quality service is what really helps us to stand out from the crowd.”

Fleet of Vans

Attention to detail keeps our customers happy

Our customers appreciate it when we go the extra mile, but the fact that our account managers are always on the ball with great attention to detail is what really helps us to stand out.

It’s something that our account manager Mike Anderson recently received some high praise for providing.

Always sweating the little things

Craig Bradburne, EMEA project implementation manager EES OEM at Anixter, stated that during the tender and application process, Mike’s service and attention to detail were key factors in convincing the company to switch to Fuel Card Services.

“He strikes the right balance with frequency of service calls, and always responded in a timely manner if I had to leave a message,” Craig said, adding that Mike took the time to “understand our needs” and delivered the right proposals to best serve the business.

“In summary, Mike was a key factor in us switching our business to FCS and I look forward to developing a similar relationship with Stephanie – our new account manager.”

The company is headquartered in Chesterfield and operates a fleet of 60 vehicles from multiple depots across the UK.

Anixter has a monthly spend of approximately £16,000 and use a mixture of Diesel Direct and BP fuel cards.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Always paying attention to the needs of our customers makes us a top choice for any business seeking support with their fuel usage.”