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Save up to 10p per litre, plus Shell Go+ Rewards

Whatever the size your fleet, from one car to a fleet of HGVs, we have a Shell fuel card that is right for your business. With variable pricing options to suit your needs, access to an extensive nationwide network and inclusion in the Shell Go+ Rewards scheme – you can’t go wrong with one of these Shell fuel cards.

Shell’s fuel portfolio offers you and your business quality fuels designed to give your fleet their best performance and efficiency, including FuelSave Diesel and Unleaded for more MPG. Shell also ensure your drivers refuel as well as your vehicles. Shell’s on-site facilities include food and drink and restroom facilities. And our HGV-specific sites offer even bigger savings, plus HGV lanes and high-speed pumps to ensure your drivers are quickly on their way again. There are no up-front payments, you only pay for the fuel you use and, for added security, the Shell fuel cards can be restricted to authorised purchases only.

Shell CRT Fuel Card

Fixed weekly diesel price, with extensive motorway coverage and HGV-specific sites to get you back on the road quicker. No regional price differences. Ideal for HGVs and LCVs

Shell Multifleet Fuel Card

The pump related price fuel card for diesel and petrol fleets needing the widest coverage. Improve MPG with Shell FuelSave Diesel, available at all Shell sites at no additional cost

Shell One Fuel Card

Fixed weekly diesel and petrol fuel card with access to nearly 50% of UK forecourts. Competitive pricing with up to 10p per litre saving on diesel at motorway sites

Where can I use my Shell fuel card?
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Depends on the Shell card you have – find out here where your Shell card is accepted.

Where is my nearest Shell garage?
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Find out the Shell garage closest to you and other garages that accept your Shell fuel card.

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Get the latest Shell fuel card news and information on Shell fuel cards here.

Apply for a Shell fuel card online
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Click here to find out how to apply for a Shell fuel card – it’s easy to save on fuel.

Compare Fuel Cards

At-a-glance guide to the features and benefits of the many fuel cards we offer.

All our fuel cards offer savings, but deciding which fuel card is right for your business isn’t always easy. Check out this chart, use our Select Card tool or call us on 01235 773685.

Select Fuel Card

An easy-to-use tool to help you select the right card for your business.

Four simple questions and our online tool will narrow down your selection to up to a maximum of three fuel cards. Or, speak to one of our experienced consultants: 01235 773685.

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Save up to 10p per litre on fuel

Find the best fuel card for your business and start saving.