How to reduce your fleet’s Carbon emissions

The world of fleet has never seen such a period of change. With uncertainties around tax rates, the WLTP and changes with the ULEZ becoming 24/7. Reducing your fleet’s CO2 emissions should be a big priority. More changes are set…

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Hallbros Groundwork: Tele-Gence is ‘transparent, accurate and informative’

Businesses working with Tele-Gence are able to gain enhanced visibility into their fleet operations and we can help to deliver great savings for our customers. Annie Grace Hall, operations manager at Hallbros Groundwork, has been in touch to highlight the…

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Graphene road surface reaches test stage

A village in Oxfordshire is to become the first in Britain to trial a new road surface that could finally end the nation’s pothole problems….

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No more road signs by 2027?