How to select the best business fuel card to meet your needs

Being one of the largest independent fuel card agents, we offer a considerable number of different fuel cards, all tailored to different needs. We want to help you choose the right one for your business.

That’s why we offer the Compare Fuel Cards Chart below, so you can easily see the different features and benefits. We also have our Select Fuel Card tool which, after only four simple questions will give you up to three fuel cards that will meet your criteria. And, of course, our consultants are always on hand to talk you through the selection process – call us on 01235 773685 – we’re here to help.

BrandFuel CardTotal Network CoveragePricing TypeWhat sites can the card be used atPIN Required?Can I collect loyalty points with my card
Allstar One7,600Pump Related98% of all sites across the UKYes, at Keyfuels sites onlySome sites may accept your loyalty card
BP Bunker1,225Fixed PriceBP onlyYesNo
BP One3,550List PriceBP, Esso, Gulf, TexacoYesBPme Rewards
BP Plus3,550Pump RelatedBP, Esso, Gulf, TexacoYesBPme Rewards
Esso Commercial1,300Fixed PriceEsso onlyEsso sites onlyNectar Points
Gulf, Pace and EMO2,500Pump RelatedGulf, Pace and Emo plus all sites that display the Keyfuels logoUnmanned sites onlyNo
Keyfuels3,150Fixed PriceMorrisons and Tesco supermarkets, plus all sites that display the Keyfuels logoUnmanned sites onlyTesco Clubcard at Tesco sites
Shell CRT1,050Fixed PriceShell onlyShell sites onlyShell Go+
Shell Multifleet3,800Pump RelatedShell, Circle K, Esso, Gleaner, Gulf, Morrisons, TexacoShell sites onlyShell Go+
Shell One3,800List PriceShell, Circle K, Esso, Gleaner, Gulf, Morrisons, TexacoShell sites onlyShell Go+
Texaco Fastfuel3,650Fixed PriceTexaco, Co-Op Morrisons and Tesco supermarkets, plus all sites that display the UK Fuels logoTexaco and unmanned sites onlyTesco Clubcard at Tesco sites
UK Fuels2,950Fixed PriceCo-Op, Morrisons and Tesco supermarkets, plus all sites that display the UK Fuels logoUnmanned sites onlyTesco Clubcard at Tesco sites

This table shows a high-level summary of some of the features and benefits of our fuel cards.
Please note that certain cards, sites and products carry an additional handling fee.

Pump related cards are priced according to the forecourt pump price, some of these off-network sites do carry an additional handing fee. Fixed price cards offer you a fixed weekly diesel (and / or unleaded) price at certain sites on the network (Core or Bunker sites). Some of the sites for fixed priced cards do carry an additional handling fee. List price cards also offer a fixed price on diesel (and / or unleaded) and some sites do carry an additional handling fee.

When choosing your fuel card if you have any questions regarding these in greater detail
please call 01235 773685 and speak to one of our dedicated fuel card experts.

Fuel Card Services is one of the UK’s largest fuel card providers.  We offer our customers a wide range of fuel cards that can be used at various sites throughout the UK, helping to keep their fleets moving.  As well as fuel cards, we also offer a range of fleet-related products including telematics, discounted service, maintenance and repair for car and van fleets, mileage capture systems for business and personal mileage, and daily vehicle walk around checks to ensure vehicles are safe to use.  Our customers can select which fleet products best suit their needs and budgets via our online portal MyFleetHub.  To help our customers manage the services they get from us at a price that fits with their requirements, MyFleetHub gives complete transparency about what fleet services they receive, when they receive them and at what price.  A range of adjacent services are also available from Fuel Card Services including Card Protect for fuel cards to protect against card lost, CO2Count to track fleet greenhouse gas emissions, MileageCount for tracking simple journeys to split business and personal mileage.  Some Fuel Card Services customers avail of the Fleet Tool Box on our website which allows customers to store vehicle and driver information, keep track of driver licence details and calculate the cost of running your fleet with our smart calculator.  Customers have the opportunity to trial these services at no cost for a period of time; after the trial period, customers pay a small monthly fee and can terminate any services at any time by just giving us a call or dropping us an email.  Anyone making an online application or calling to enquire about our services will be given a full explanation of how all of these products work, the fees chargeable, how to end any services no longer required and how to find out answers to any other questions they may have about how to get best value from their fuel cards.  All of this information and more is also available in our welcome pack.  We love talking to our customers and potential customers – if you want to find out anything about how we can help you better manage your fleet, just give us a call.