Mobility provider moved by “transparent, clear and personal” experience with Fuel Card Services

Mobility provider moved by “transparent, clear and personal” experience with Fuel Card Services

Here at Fuel Card Services, we like to think we’re the finest and most comprehensive provider of fuel cards in the UK.

With 55,000 happy customers pumping around two millions litres into their vehicles every day, we’re certainly one of the busiest, but also one of the most personable, according to client Ableworld UK.

The mobility specialist operates a 32-strong fleet of large goods vehicles for providing mobility scooters, wheelchairs and stairlifts throughout the UK.

With so many vehicles racking up a hefty mileage, Ableworld was primed to benefit from the introduction of fuel cards.

Chris Dugdale-Wilde, facilities manager for Ableworld UK, had been approached by several companies offering fuel cards in the past and their pushy nature was an instant turn-off.

However, Fuel Card Services doesn’t pressure customers to come onboard, something that Mr Dugdale-Wilde found refreshing.

“Helen [Simpson] at Fuel Card Services had a personal, well-informed approach, not a ‘sell, sell, sell’ angle which never gets too far,” he wrote in his testimonial of the company.

Pleasant experience

Mr Dugdale-Wilde was keen enough to give it a shot and took on a limited amount of cards, but it was only a matter of weeks before the entire fleet was covered by Fuel Card Services.

He added: “The overall experience has been a pleasant one and I feel we have benefitted from this change bringing more flexibility to our fleet and how we keep the vans going.”

Chris’ comments suggest Ableworld UK will be with Fuel Card Services for quite some time.

“The nature of the industry means others will always be cheaper at some point but if the transparency and clarity continues we will remain a customer to Fuel Card Services in the future,” he concluded.

Discover how fuel cards can benefit your organisation by applying for a fuel card here.

FORS member cuts costs with Fuel Card Services

Barwit Control Systems uses Fuel Card ServicesTonbridge-based Barwit Control Systems makes life easier for countless thousands of people every day. While its people work around the clock refurbishing, servicing and repairing escalators and lifts, Barwit benefits from the help of Fuel Card Services. The company has been enjoying significant cost savings since switching from its previous fuel card supplier in 2015. Its membership of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) entitles it to exclusive extra savings.

Jane Dodd, Barwit accounts director, said,”Cost management is essential and Fuel Card Services offers us much more than our former supplier. As a FORS Bronze member, we now pay significantly less than the pump prices we were previously charged and no longer have to pay a transaction fee every time that a driver refuels. If we ever need anything, I always call Rachel Pearson and get fast, friendly help. Talking to the same person every time is so much better than joining a call centre queue to talk to a random stranger.”

Barwit’s continuing success, with headcount more than trebled in under 20 years, means that fleet expansion is always on the cards. Its field engineers and other staff currently run three vans and six cars, using both diesel and petrol vehicles. They are all refuelled using fuel cards from Fuel Card Services. An exact fit with their requirements is achieved by providing drivers with a mixture of Shell and Texaco fuel cards.

Steve Clarke, group marketing manager for Fuel Card Services, said, “Barwit Control Systems, whether refuelling with petrol or diesel, are never far from discount fuel with no surcharges. Any of the 3,000 FORS-registered fleets can enjoy the same exclusive benefits. Saving money on thousands of forecourts is only the start. Fleet operators are increasingly concerned with knowing whole-life vehicle costs and we offer real help there. If they face stakeholder pressures on sustainability, we offer comprehensive emissions monitoring and a wealth of allied expertise.”

FORS members receive impartial advice on the most appropriate fuel cards for their individual needs, from a range that includes fuel cards that valid at BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco sites as well as independent chains, supermarkets and specialist diesel networks.

World leader cuts fuel costs with Fuel Card Services

JCDecaux cuts fuel costs with Fuel Card ServicesRunning a major fleet demands tight cost control and JCDecaux keeps refuelling costs down with the help of Fuel Card Services. The world’s leading outdoor advertising company has media sites throughout the UK, serviced by a fleet operating from nine locations nationwide. Its 320+ vehicles are all refuelled using fuel cards from Fuel Card Services.

JCDecaux switched from its previous supplier to find better service and value. Fred Joseph, assistant fleet manager, said, “Any query or request meant sitting in a call centre queue. They were already charging pump prices, then introduced transaction charges on top. Just one weekly refuelling per vehicle would cost £30,000 more annually, so we needed a better deal. Fuel Card Services is better in every way, from the personal service to the real cost savings.” Continue reading

SugaRich saves money on fuel

SugaRichSugaRich works with some of the UK’s best known food brands to transform former foodstuffs into revenue, while meeting sustainability challenges. However efficiently these companies manufacture such products as bakery, confectionery, cereal, biscuit and similar foods, some processing surplus is inevitable. SugaRich makes sure that this is not wasted, recycling it to produce high-energy livestock feeds.

As a truly nationwide company with manufacturing facilities across the whole of the UK, SugaRich serves clients from small family businesses to international giants. It collects and processes the food wastes, then supplies the resulting animal feeds to compounders, blenders and even directly to farms. The materials are transported in purpose-built containers, carried by a fleet of more than 30 vehicles. This specialist fleet is refuelled using BP and UK Fuels fuel cards supplied by Fuel Card Services.

Continue reading

Sandwich Express keeps diesel costs down

Sandwich Express cuts costs with Fuel Card ServicesCheshire-based Sandwich Express has come a long way from making horse-drawn deliveries, almost 100 years ago. Today, the family business has a growing fleet of catering vans, serving customers across the county and beyond. The vans are custom-built for Sandwich Express with refrigeration and heating, making each one a café on wheels. They all run on low-cost diesel, thanks to Shell fuel cards supplied by Fuel Card Services, part of The Fuel Card Group.

Martin Drury, Sandwich Express MD, said: “Managing costs is critical in catering and fuel represents a significant element for a business like ours, constantly on the road. Our Shell fuel cards mean that we regularly pay up to 4p per litre less than pump prices, regardless of where the drivers refuel. As a bonus, being notified each Friday of our fixed diesel price for the coming week is a real help in cashflow planning. Even better, we do not have to factor in the transaction charges and network fees that other suppliers charge.” Continue reading