Car maintenance tips as the days get lighter

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:27th February 2023

Car parked on beach with sunset in background

Winter is coming to an end and that means warmer days and lighter evenings. Spring has sprung and it’s a fantastic time to make the most of your car.

That said, the beauty of spring brings with it some considerable dangers for those who fail to keep their vehicle in top condition. From glare in the evenings to wear and tear from the colder, icy months just gone, there’s plenty of reasons you need to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance.

Avoiding glare as the days get lighter

As the evenings become lighter, the sun begins to set during what for many people is the daily commute home from work. As such, it lies low in the sky just as millions of people are taking to the roads during rush hour.

When the sun hangs low like this, it can significantly increase the chances of drivers suffering from glare. This can cause drivers to be temporarily dazzled and unable to see clearly – itself a considerable danger.

Ensuring that windows are kept clean and free from debris will help to reduce glare, while drivers themselves can lower their risk of being dazzled by wearing polarised sunglasses when behind the wheel.

Keep your car clean

The rigours of winter may be coming to an end, but months of freezing temperatures, rain, sleet and salt on the roads can take its toll on the bodywork of your vehicle. As a result, it’s important to ensure you are regularly washing your car and frequently checking all areas for signs of corrosion.

Bodywork around wheel arches, the boot and doors can be particularly susceptible to corrosion from salt damage. As a result, pay particular attention to keeping these areas clean and free from dirt/debris in order to maximise their longevity.

A regular wash also ensures that any dings, scratches to the paintwork or other minor damage can be picked up more quickly, again ensuring the elements do not have a chance to cause lasting damage to your vehicle that can be costly to repair.

Plan a service

Finally, it’s important to always ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition to reduce the likelihood of suffering a breakdown. As such, spring can be the perfect time of year to get your vehicle serviced in preparation for the warmer, sunnier months to come.

It provides the opportunity to have a professional examine all aspects of your vehicle and identify any components that may be in need of attention following the harsh winter months.

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