Volvo offers fleet safety tips for wintry weather

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:27th February 2023

Volvo offers safety tips for winery weather

With some forecasters already suggesting this winter could be a harsh one, Volvo Car UK is helping fleet owners prepare by offering tips on how to ensure their drivers stay safe in inclement weather.

Simple tips to be prepared

Among the advice offered was encouraging company car drivers to carry out weekly maintenance checks on their vehicles, including tyres, headlights, windshields, oil levels and screenwash.

As potholes once again become more of an issue in freezing weather, fleet drivers should also check their cars for damage every day, Volvo said. This will flag up tyre rips and any other problems that may otherwise pose a danger to the structure and integrity of the vehicle.

Another good tip is swapping the whole fleet to snow tyres once the temperature dips below seven degrees C to provide additional grip on road surfaces.

Among Volvo’s other suggestions for fleet owners were:

  • Not putting pressure on drivers to take to the roads in extremely bad weather
  • Implementing a winter driving policy company-wide so employees know what to do during snowy episodes
  • Providing drivers with in-car emergency kits containing blankets, torches and high-visibility vests should they be caught out in a storm

Volvo UK’s Steve Beattie said: “Businesses should remind their company car drivers to take journeys steady in poor conditions. If visibility is reduced or roads are extremely wet or icy, unnecessary journeys should be avoided.”

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “We don’t yet know what this winter will bring, but being prepared in advance of any bad weather will ensure your fleet can cope with every eventuality. We’d definitely agree with all the advice above.”