Keep you Fuel Card Safe


Fuel Card Security

Now that you have invested in a Fuel Card, you need to know how to keep it safe and secure to prevent any fraudulent activity and having to cancel your cards.

1. Keep Your PIN Secure.

By writing your PIN on your fuel card, the original fuel card letter or even choosing an obvious PIN like the registration of the vehicle is a sure way to end up being the victim of fuel card fraud. In-fact to keep your fuel card safe you should never store the card and PIN together. Possibly even going as far to change the PIN of a card when a driver stops working for a company. Keep the PIN somewhere safe and secure.

To make it easier to track, try and provide each driver with their own fuel card so that PIN numbers are not shared around. Sharing the cards can increase the risk of fraud and can make misuse harder to track

2. Get Insurance

Fuel Card Services can offer you Card Protect, this is our zero-liability insurance which is available for all of our fuelcard products. Card Protect covers your business for losses of up to 12,000L on your fuel card account.

3. Act Quick When You Lose Your Card

By registering (click here) and having access to My Fleet Hub, you can be quick to report a lost or stolen card and can cancel them immediately so you don’t lose any money. On top of this, by using My Fleet Hub you can view all transaction reports and invoices to keep an eye on where your drivers are using their cards.

4. Track Your Cards And Driver

With our telematics tracking service, Tele-Gence you can not only track where your drivers are but you can also integrate your cards. So you can find out where your fuel cards are being used and where. This the best way to prevent fuel card fraud.

5. Know Where Your Cards Are At All Times

Make sure you know where your fuel cards are at all times so you will know if it is lost or stolen and can act quickly. If a place where you store your card has been compromised then you should replace the card as well just in case to prevent future fraud

These tips won’t 100% prevent you from being a victim of fuel card fraud or theft, but it is the best way to stop it from happening
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