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We all know what a simple tracking system does, but when you investigate the market you will find that not all telematics systems are the same. Tele-Gence offers improved safety for your drivers, security for your vehicles and reduces costs across your fleet. A remarkably flexible, fully customisable system that can be totally tailored to your fleet requirements. It’s easy to use and supported by a dedicated UK-based team.

  • Fuel cost management

    Fuel cost management

    Be confident you’re not wasting money on fuel

    • Fuel fraud alerts – automatic check of fuel filling to vehicle location
    • Accurate MPG / CO₂ comparison reports
    • Tools to guide your drivers to cheaper fuel sites
    • Quick and easy way of viewing fuel transactions
    • Monitor vehicle idling time to reduce wasted fuel

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  • Driver behaviour and productivity

    Driver behaviour and productivity

    Full visibility of driver performance on the road

    • Real-time tracking – updates every 10 seconds or less
    • Tailor driver behaviour scores to determine your best and worst drivers
    • Multiple map layers including live traffic
    • Monitor dangerous speeding with Overspeed Profiles
    • Gain insight into how improved driver behaviour generates savings

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  • Safety, security and theft prevention

    Safety, security and theft prevention

    Built-in security for peace of mind

    • Backup battery triggers alert if device is disconnected
    • Be notified of out of hours movement
    • Set geographic alerts based on your defined parameters
    • Set up crash detection alerts to inform a chosen contact
    • Hidden secondary asset trackers available for heightened security

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  • Tracking capabilities

    Tracking capabilities

    Helps you manage your fleet more effectively

    • Improve fleet management using dash cams, driver ID and privacy buttons
    • Event streaming camera footage integrated directly into the platform
    • Track and view your vehicles and high-value assets all in one system
    • Prevent hardware restrictions with our range of devices
    • Detects vehicle issues early and avoid breakdowns

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  • Customisable software

    Customisable software

    Designed to your specific needs

    • Alert and report builder – default or customisable templates
    • Schedule reports directly to your inbox
    • Group your tracked vehicles and assets with cost centre management
    • Highlight events that deviate from the norm
    • Fully scalable – start small and build as your fleet grows

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Link your fuel card to Tele-Gence for advanced fuel insight and greater control

Highlight potential
fraudulent fuel card use

When your fuel card is used, but the vehicle is not in the same location, Tele-gence can notify you that this has taken place. This enables you to investigate why it’s happened, it will help to prevent future theft and avoid dishonest transactions such as fuelling up non-company vehicles.

Accurate automated
MPG reporting

Telematics systems from Tele-gence

By integrating your fuel cards, we know your exact fuel use and distance driven, so we can provide accurate MPG reporting, a key requirement for most accreditations e.g. FORS.  You can then ensure your vehicles are running as efficiently as possible. Poor MPG might indicate fraud, poor driver behaviour or underperforming vehicles. 

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