Affordable telematics
Improve MPG by up to 20%
No hidden start-up fees or long term commitments

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  • Full fuel card integration
  • A UK based support team
  • No automatic contract renewals
  • A fully scalable solution
  • Hosted in the cloud, accessible from anywhere
  • Customisable, designed to support your needs


  • No integration charges
  • Pricing tailored to your needs
  • Improve MPG by up to 20%
  • Lower costs and affordable
  • Gives you immediate results
  • Reduction of fuel costs
  • Full access to your fuel data
  • Improved and accurate MPG reporting
  • Helping to reduce and eliminate fuel fraud
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • Improved fleet insights




Deterred from embracing a fleet management solution due to data overload?



Direct fuel card integration

Flexible user defined alert builder

Monitoring of servicing and repairs

Monitoring of vehicles and assets in real time

Definitive fuel, vehicle and driver reporting

Fully scalable with user defined login

Deterred from embracing a fleet management solution due to data overload?




How many fuel card companies actively promote spending less on fuel? We do…



Reduction in fuel and fleet costs

Improved MPG by up to 20%

Improved productivity by up to 10%

Reduction in insurance premiums

Pricing tailored to your needs

Detects vehicle issues early avoiding large costs

How many fuel card companies actively promote spending less on fuel? We do…




Do you know where your vehicles are right now and how they are being driven?



Detects and alerts on fuel fraud

Improves driver behaviour

Monitors vehicles in real time

Reduction in unauthorised vehicle use

Monitoring of all assets within your company

Detects vehicle issues early avoiding breakdowns

Do you know where your vehicles are right now and how they are being driven?


The right package for your business:

Tele-Gence or
Tele-Gence Pro

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benefits of Tele-Gence, or call us on
0113 384 6233 to receive a free consultation.

Information packs


Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Real Time Tracking – 10 second updates
Intuitive User Interface
Log in anytime, anywhere – no desktop restriction
Smartphone enabled
Variety of map sets available – street, hybrid and satellite view
Roaming SIMS/European coverage
Speed by road
Bespoke individual vehicle speed restrictions and tolerances
Traffic – real time traffic map layer
Cost centre and asset group management

Fuel Data Integration

Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Fuel Card Services data integration
Fuel reports - MPG, fuel transaction
(Potential) Fuel Fraud Alert
Fuel card analytics - analysis into your fleet's fuel trends

Reports & Analytics

Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Trip Replay - view history and routes of all tracked journeys
Standard Reporting Suite - Alert Report, Fuel Transaction Report, Location Report, Stopping Report and Trip Listing Report.
Advanced Reporting Suite - All of the above PLUS Analytics reports for Fuel, Alerts, Utilization, Events & Trips. Asset rating, Reminder reports, Overspeeding reports, Idle reports and Zone reports.
Report Scheduler
Cost centre and asset group analysis
Geo-fencing (Polygon)
Customisable fields - to include bespoke information you would like to capture e.g. Driver Name


Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
One standard fuel fraud alert - if the linked vehicle is not in the same location as the fuel card usage
Real time alerts - via email/ SMS
Advanced fuel fraud alerts - wrong fuel fill up, exceeding tank capacity *COMING SOON*
Bespoke Alert Builder
Working Hours Alerts - movements outside of business hours

Driver Behaviour

Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Bespoke driver behaviour builder - scoring based on the areas you need to manage within your business
Speed banding - set different parameters around different speed tolerance to give a true reflection of dangerous driving
Driver behaviour league table

User Roles

Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Administrator role (2 max for Tele-gence Standard clients)
Unlimited bespoke User Roles to suit organizational roles
Unlimited Users


Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Online User guides to get you up and running
One hour bespoke training session to enable you to get the most of the system

Bespoke Hardware

Tele-GenceTele-Gence PRO
Specialised telematics solutions (additional outputs including Live Stream Cameras, Driver ID, Privacy Buttons)

How Tele-Gence telematics will help and why


Fuel Card Services, have many years’ of experience within the automotive industry so understand the issues small and medium sized enterprises experience with managing a fleet day to day. We recognise rising operational costs hit SME’s hard with the ever-increasing need to meet costs, safety and targets. However, we are here to help with ……  Tele-Gence telematics

Did you know that using telematics & tracking improves safety, efficiency and saves you money on your fleet but by integrating fuel card data we offer an even better fleet solution. Having access to fuel card data and live tracking data enables in-depth reporting on fuel fraud, pump pricing, driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and much more, giving you a solution geared to your exact fleet requirements.

Our affordable solution is an intelligent yet, simple vehicle tracking system that is user-friendly and will add immediate cost reductions and value to your enterprise. Suitable for all vehicle types, Cars, Vans, LCV & HGV. This powerful little solution will reduce accidents, increase driver security, track expenses and vehicle maintenance while streamlining your processes.

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