Wet weather tips for safer driving

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

Wet weather tips for safer driving (image credit: iStock/Mr_Twister)

Heavy rain has struck many parts of the UK in recent days and the outlook for the remainder of the month doesn't look much better.

IAM RoadSmart has therefore offered some simple advice for all UK motorists to ensure they are able to stay as safe as possible when faced with wet roads and adverse weather – something that's set to become increasingly common as the autumn draws in.

Indeed, the IAM's head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman said: "Driving in wet weather can be challenging, and, with delays and increased concentration needed, it can be more tiring too."

As a result, the organisation advises some simple steps that all drivers should be understand as autumn approaches, including the need to reduce speed and be aware of increased stopping distances when the roads are wet.

Drivers should also be more aware of what is happening on the road ahead of them, as reduced visibility during heavy rain means signs like the actions of other drivers up ahead on the road can be invaluable in remaining prepared at all times.

Furthermore, proper vehicle maintenance is always essential, but even more so as the colder, wetter months arrive. Tyre condition and pressures should be regularly checked to ensure the best traction possible, even in adverse weather, while wipers should be examined and replaced if necessary.

All windows and mirrors should also be cleaned regularly, as spray from the road and other vehicles can reduce visibility if left to build up.

By following these simple steps, drivers across the country can be assured they are fully prepared for whatever it is the autumn has to throw at them.