Taking vehicle safety seriously with MyDriveSafe.Expert

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:15th February 2022

Pair of hands holding a pressure gauge, measuring car tyre pressure

Can you trust your drivers to report minor damage to the company vehicles? English law states that regular inspection of commercial vehicles must be daily and consistent to ensure they are safe to drive.

MyDriveSafe.Expert makes it easy to do this, all from your Apple or Android smartphone. No more paperwork, no more guesswork, because it all runs on this free to download App.

Select your vehicle from the database by typing in the registration, choose from one of the industry-standard checklist templates for the type of vehicle or create your own, and go. You can then add photos and notes to any item. Once complete, checklist data is uploaded to the Cloud as soon as it detects an internet connection for you or your manager to review via an online portal.

Tom Cosway, Head of Commercial Business at Fuel Card Services, says, “It is worrying to see the high proportion of company car drivers who do not think car maintenance is their responsibility. Not only is this putting them at risk of the car breaking down, or causing a serious incident, it also creates potentially high repair costs for their employer.”

The MyDriveSafe.Expert web portal makes it easy to review any number of vehicle checks, so you can resolve issues before they become a problem. Each vehicle check is uploaded automatically to the Cloud so you can view them all in one clear and user-friendly dashboard. You can link multiple drivers to one vehicle, or one driver to numerous vehicles. The portal shows all the data you might need, from the length of time taken to complete the checklist to the vehicle’s precise location.

This simple innovation allows you to carry out an arduous – but essential – chore in a tenth of the time it would typically take. Plus, support for various motoring organisations is built-in MyDriveSafe.Expert’s templates, so it’s even straightforward for your fleet to comply.

Our dedicated team will help you to discover the advantages available with MyDriveSafe.Expert, ensuring seamless integration with your business.