SugaRich saves money on fuel

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:21st September 2021

SugaRichSugaRich works with some of the UK’s best known food brands to transform former foodstuffs into revenue, while meeting sustainability challenges. However efficiently these companies manufacture such products as bakery, confectionery, cereal, biscuit and similar foods, some processing surplus is inevitable. SugaRich makes sure that this is not wasted, recycling it to produce high-energy livestock feeds.

As a truly nationwide company with manufacturing facilities across the whole of the UK, SugaRich serves clients from small family businesses to international giants. It collects and processes the food wastes, then supplies the resulting animal feeds to compounders, blenders and even directly to farms. The materials are transported in purpose-built containers, carried by a fleet of more than 30 vehicles. This specialist fleet is refuelled using BP and UK Fuels fuel cards supplied by Fuel Card Services.

Paul Featherstone is SugaRich procurement director. He said, “Fleet efficiency is critical for a business like ours, with diesel a significant cost. Fuel Card Services helps to keep costs down, with fixed weekly pricing that applies throughout the country. It is also important that we get fast, efficient responses for any query or request, thanks to our account manager. If we need to add or replace cards, or check anything, I just call Lee and everything is sorted very quickly.”

SugaRich typically saves up to 4p per litre on national average pump prices, up to 10p per litre on motorway refuelling. Like all Fuel Card Services customers, it also benefits from a dedicated, named account manager.

Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, said, “Fuel cards are supposed to cut costs, but personal service is also important. Always talking to the same person means that the customer deals with somebody who knows and understands their business. That means fast, accurate answers. Other companies expect a customer to join a call centre queue, before talking to a random stranger.”

Other fuel card companies also levy additional charges, typically adding £2 to each transaction regardless of the amount pumped. “We do not believe in these hidden extras, which hardly help to reduce fuel costs,” said Steve Clarke. “We do not impose network fees or transaction charges and we never will.”

SugaRich also benefits from 24/7 account access via secure Internet, with custom reporting for easy download, including the latest transactions that are yet to be invoiced. A single weekly VAT-compliant invoice covers all refuelling and the interval between invoice and direct debit payment means up to two week’s interest-free credit.