Stay safe on the school run

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

School run

Schools up and down the country will be getting back into full swing in the coming weeks and that means millions of parents will be taking on the oft-dreaded school run once more.

That said, GEM Motoring Assist believes parents can help to make the roads a safer place for all when dropping off or picking up their kids, as well as by teaching them how to use roads safely.

Do your bit to boost school run safety

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth commented: “As another school year begins, we encourage all parents, guardians, teachers, carers and older siblings to play their part in helping children to use the roads with respect, to recognise the risks they face and to understand effective ways of minimising those risks.”

Here are GEM’s top tips on how to reduce risk:

  • Always drop off older children in a safe location, away from busy roads if possible.
  • Allow plenty of time to drive to school so journeys are not fraught and rushed.
  • Be patient when children are crossing the road and always be prepared to stop.
  • Respect all speed limits – remember that most areas in and around schools will have a 20mph limit.
  • Give your kids bright, fluorescent clothing, as making sure they are seen is essential for safety.

Mr Worth concluded that every child should know how to follow the Green Cross Code and how to deal with roads safely. It’s an essential step in growing up and means they’ll be far safer when walking, cycling and, even later, driving.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “The school run can be a hectic time for many parents, but it pays to always plan ahead and make sure you aren’t getting flustered, even when the traffic can be a nightmare.”