SAP Customer Notice


Fuel Card Services is always seeking to improve its customer service and has been investing in its systems to ensure robust account management, security and user experience.

Our new systems launch week commencing July 6th 2020. As you will appreciate, while these upgrades are being implemented, there may be minor disruption to our normal service. Please see the areas below that might be affected during this implementation period:


We will still be available by telephone or email, however the person trying to help you may have restricted access to your information when trying to assist you. We anticipate an increase in call volumes during this time with what may still be a reduced workforce due to the Coronavirus outbreak, however we will endeavour to deal with your query as quickly as possible.  If telephoning you can call your account Manager or you can call our administration department.

Access to the customer service portal, My Fleet Hub

This portal may be unavailable for a brief period of time from close of business on Friday July 3rd, during which you will be able to order new fuel cards or place existing cards on stop by emailing the administration department.  For any month-end reporting requirements, please be conscious of this potential downtime.

Should any automated reports fail to send during the downtime they will be sent retrospectively once our systems are live.

Stopping and cancelling a fuel card

This should normally be done via the My Fleet Hub Portal however, during any downtime, please email.

Direct Debits

We will endeavour to ensure all payments are collected on time but please be aware there may be a slight delay during the upgrade period.


You will notice minor changes to the invoice style, although the general format will remain the same. Please note that there may be some delays to our normal invoicing process during migration.

Additionally, should you receive invoices via email, they will now come from  Please add this address to your whitelist to ensure receipt.

Credit Notes

We are changing the way you will receive a credit from us. Previously this would appear as a negative value on your invoice but now they will be issued on a separate credit note which will be sent to you in the same way as your invoices.


If you usually receive these by post, they will no longer be issued to you. It will no longer be possible to obtain copy statements through the My Fleet Hub portal. Should you require a copy, please contact our accounts department. If you currently receive your invoices and statements via e-mail, this will continue as normal.

At Fuel Card Services, we continually seek to improve our services for our customers.  In addition to the updates covered in this notice, we have developed cost-saving services covering vehicle tracking, service maintenance and repair, compliance and mileage tracking to make your life easier. For further information, please visit

As always, we are sincerely grateful for your loyal custom.