Property replenishment firm calls in Fuel Card Services for ‘wheely’ impressive savings

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:8th February 2022

A company specialising in property replenishment and exterior cleaning has polished up its fleet operating costs thanks to Fuel Card Services.

Mr Wheely Shine’s trio of vehicles may only just qualify as ‘a fleet’ in dictionary terms, but the opportunity to slash monthly fuel spend is appealing regardless of fleet size.

Gary Richards, managing director of Mr Wheely Shine, was approached by Fuel Card Services account manager Lee Puxty towards the end of last year after identifying how the firm could save money when buying fuel – the head of Denbighshire-based independent firm was understandably very keen to investigate the potential.

“Everything we spoke about was aimed at saving us money, and for a small business, this is vital,” explained Mr Richards.

Commenting on Lee Puxty’s value to Mr Wheely Shine, Gary added: “With Lee’s excellent customer service skills, we feel that he is now apart of our team.”

Operating a fleet isn’t always predictable and Mr Richards witnessed first-hand the flexibility of Fuel Card Services when his usual petrol station switched brands unexpectedly.

“Our local petrol station changed overnight from Texaco to BP, so I phoned Lee and within 48 hours, we had our new cards and pins,” he revealed.

With Mr Richards now a fully fledged supporter of fuel cards, he is spreading the word of how they can benefit companies of all sizes.

He signed off by saying: “We have already highly recommended Fuel Card Services for small and large businesses in our area.”

Fuel Card Services is one of the largest independent agents of fuel cards in the UK, working as agents on behalf of most of the major oil companies including BP, Esso, Shell and Texaco.

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Photo: bizoo_n/iStock