Neutralise your fleet’s emissions with BP Target Neutral

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:13th February 2023

photo of the countryside with some turbines and trees drawn on in green

For fleets conscious of their carbon footprint, BP offers an environmentally friendly package for BP Fuel Card users. This offer monitors carbon emissions, and then seamlessly integrates data with a carbon management programme available through the BP Target Neutral scheme.

BP Target Neutral for fuel cards make it easy for all types of fleets to neutralise the residual carbon emissions left behind by their vehicles. Drivers simply present their fuel card at filling stations then we automatically make calculations, reports, invoices and take the necessary actions to assess and neutralise the carbon emissions. We take care of everything to make carbon neutral driving an achievable target, so you can improve both the environment and your company’s reputation.

  • Track. Software collects and analyses fuel card data showing individual vehicle carbon emissions.
  • Reduce. Online training facilities improve fleet driver skills, so they become more fuel efficient.
  • Neutralise. Automatically offset all remaining fleet carbon emissions to achieve ‘Carbon Neutral’ status.

If going carbon neutral is an issue of increasing importance to you, then BP Target Neutral package for fuel cards is the simplest and easiest way forward for your fleet. It is available to both large companies with a sizable fleet and smaller businesses with only a few vehicles.

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