Need to reduce costs and increase fleet productivity?

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:15th February 2022

Do you question the whereabouts of your vehicles, struggle to understand why your vehicles are costing so much money and want to improve customer satisfaction?

We are here to take away the struggles and worries associated with running a fleet while improving customer satisfaction and saving you time and money.

Tele-Gence gives you around the clock control of your vehicles whereabouts, lets you track driver behaviour, reducing accidents, vehicle maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

It offers you an affordable fuel management solution catered exactly to your needs. The solution is a full SaaS provider, device agnostic, easy to use and with its competitive pricing is ideal for any sized organisation, it will also significantly reduce your insurance premiums.

Tele-Gence – The benefits are truly endless:-

  • Reduced fuel costs – Improve fuel consumption and reduce fuel fraud.
  • Improved driver behaviour – Reduce unsafe driving habits such as speeding, harsh breaking and cornering, resulting in reduced accidents, improving productivity, fuel consumption and your bottom line.
  • Reduced unauthorised vehicle use – Instantly receive a vehicle movement alert in non-working hours etc. giving you greater control.
  • Tracking other assets – Instantly know where all other assets are at all times such as trailers or plant equipment using Tele-Gence’s unique heartbeat feature.
  • Customer service – Respond to emergencies or customer requests quickly by knowing the exact location of your vehicles.
  • Make better business decisions – Tools to evaluate your fleet, can you do the same job with fewer assets? Saving you time and money.
  • Environment – Easily manage your green footprint.
  • Immediate results – Easily implemented, giving you immediate results and savings.
  • Fully scalable – Grows with your organisation giving you a clear idea of costs as you grow.
  • Ease of use – Hosted in the cloud making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Spots vehicle issues early – Avoiding large vehicle maintenance costs, saving you money and improving productivity.

Tele-Gence provides a fleet solution that fully meets your needs without having to worry about large investment costs and you start seeing the benefits and saving from the minute you install this intelligent fuel management solution.

Taking into account all the benefits our solution has to offer in terms of increase productivity, reduced operational costs and a more satisfied customer Tele-Gence should in fact be considered as a ‘big benefit’ rather than ‘big brother’.