Streaming Dash Camera Specification

Tele-Gence Advanced Live Streaming Camera

Advanced Streaming Camera Specification

Dimension 45mm x 120mm
Processor 1.2GHz Quad core CPU
RAM 512 DDR3
Nand Flash 128G bytes eMMC
Buttons 3 hole (recovery, reset, power)
USB 5-pin USB connector
Speaker Built-in
  Sensor OV010635
  Resolution 1280p * 1080p
  Frame rate 25fps
  Sensitivity 3650mV/Lux-sec
  Dynamic 115dB
  Angle of aperture 160o
Video Recording  
  Storage Internal flash
  File format FAT32
  Storage card (optional)
  Dual streaming Continuously and event driven
  Event trigger Internal g-force sensor
  Length Configurable up to 30s pre and 120s post event
  Transmission 4G upload to server
  High event video handling Stored to internal memory / automatic upload to server
  Low & medium event video handling Stored to internal memory / upload to server manually
  Security during video transmission TLS-encryption during data transmission
G-Force Sensor  
  Axis 3
  Accident level Adjustable 0g – 2g
  Trigger level 3 level (low, medium, high)
  Calibration Auto adjustment after installation
  Sampling rate 50Hz – 1600Hz
  Chipset Ublox MAX-8Q
  Update rate        5Hz
  Antenna connector Internal
  Chipset Telit HE910
  Versions UMTS
  Max. data rate upload UMTS 5.2Mbit
  Voice Supported
BT Yes
WiFi Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Battery 1500mAh
Operating Temp -15 to 75 degrees
Connector Molex 6-pin MicroFit
Input Panic input / event trigger
Ignition Input up to 32V
Power Vcc/GND (9-32V)

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