Even more ways to save time with BP

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:13th February 2023

photo of a computer screen with analytics on. Green fuel pumps are drawn on top of the image

The first thing you should know about OLS is that it lets you assume total control of all your cards with just one control panel. From this dashboard, you can set individual card purchase options according to a selection of parameters, set various text or email alerts that let you know when a card is misused, and use analytic tools to help you optimise your spending. Put simply, there are a number of ways you can benefit from using OLS.

  • Easy Card Management, including ordering, blocking and cancelling cards
  • BP Alerts that help you keep your fleet secure
  • Reliable information on your fleets’ fuel consumption and card usage
  • Access to useful downloads, site locator and route planner
  • Management of various On Road Services

With OLS it’s you who chooses the most suitable time to manage your fleet. Schedule your work to your liking, and expect to save more than just time, with easy control over refuelling and other cashless purchases. Enjoy an increase in fleet security with easy 24/7 blocking of misused cards and a transparent overview of spending with certified online invoices for the last 3 months. Want more? Reduce your costs further with BP Fleet Reporter. Use this analysis tool for a better understanding of your fuel volume, consumption, mileage and to make informed decisions to cut excess costs.

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