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You are just a few clicks away from controlling your fuel bill.

It couldn’t be more simple to apply for a fuel card, just talk to one of your friendly team members on 0844 870 9988. Alternatively you can print out an application form and complete it at your convenience, simple click the download button beside you chosen fuel card below, then fax, email or post it back to us.

Allstar One Fuel Card

Accepted at over 90% of fuel sites – Including all major oil brand, motorway and supermarkets.



BP Plus Bunker Fuel Card

Accepted across BP’s 1200+ service stations the BP Plus Bunker fuel card is the ideal solution for a business with a mixed fleet including HGVs, LCVs and vans.



BP Plus Fleet Fuel Card

Accepted across 3500+ participating service stations, including BP, Texaco, Esso & Gulf sites. The BP Plus Fleet fuel card really is the solution for an organisation looking for quality fuel available from an unbeatable network.



BP Fuel Price Guarantee

Fuel Price Guarantee is a NEW and unique way to cap the price you pay on fuel whilst still being able to benefit if prices drop.



BP One Fuel Card

The BP Plus List Price fuel card provides convenient refuelling in and around towns and cities on the major road networks and on the motorways.


Diesel Direct

Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) Fuel Card

No more low quality diesel fuel, high price garages for diesel refuelling. The future is smart forecourts, and efficient service combined with better fleet cost management and significant savings on your diesel – with the Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) fuel card and site network.



Esso Commercial Fuel Card

The Esso Commercial fuel card provides competitively priced diesel access all 1300+ Esso service stations across the UK, ideal for HGV/PSV fleets.



Esso Fleet Fuel Card

The Esso Fleet Fuel Card offers pump related prices at a nationwide network, your drivers can fill up with diesel & petrol without needing cash.



Scania Fuel Card

The Scania fuel card provides a highly competitive way in which to purchase diesel for your organisation.




A refuelling service from Shell, specifically designed for large hauliers and other major long distance operators, and offers the largest UK network of motorway sites, and our lowest prices



One Fuelcard

Control diesel and petrol costs at 50% of UK filling stations with one fixed price with The One Fuelcard from Shell.



Shell CRT Fuel Card

The Shell CRT fuel card provides customers with a fixed diesel price making it ideal for diesel fleets. Our fixed price means savings of up to 4p per litre on your diesel purchases and up to 10p per litre at motorway service stations.



Multi-Network Fuel Card

With a network of over 2650 forecourts across the UK, the Shell Fleet Multi-Network Pump Price Fuel Card is ideal for diesel and petrol fleets where the widest network coverage is needed.



European Fuel Card

  • Accepted at over 27,000 sites across Europe.
  • Over 9,000 Shell service stations – the largest acceptance network in Europe.
  • Road taxes and tolls (including on board units).
  • Tunnels, bridges, ferries and ROLA (truck on a train).



Texaco Fuel Card

This nationwide fuel card is ideal for cars, vans and HGVs, providing your organisation with real savings on your petrol and diesel costs.


UK Fuels

UK Fuels Fuel Card

The UK Fuels card offers a network of over 2950 sites nationwide including quality brands such as selected BP, Shell, Texaco and Total sites as well as all Tesco, Morrisons and The Co-Operative Food supermarkets.


FORS Fuel Expert

FORS registered members can save up to 10p per litre on diesel, with a discounted fuel card. FORS Fuel Expert offers up to 16 different types of fuel cards, including all major brands – with exclusive discounts for FORS members and those working towards accreditation.