Do you need full UK coverage on your fuel card?

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:14th February 2022

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Different fuel card companies in the UK offer different coverage. It’s therefore an important consideration when choosing the best fuel card to meet your needs. That said, do you actually need a product that offers extensive coverage? Really, it’s all about where you’re planning to use it.

What routes do you normally take?

When assessing the extent of coverage you need, the first thing to do is to take a close look at your business’ activities. Consider where your drivers will be regularly travelling to and from and factor this into your choice of fuel card.

Do you have staff making local deliveries or meeting clients nearby? Are you transporting goods the length of the country? Is it a mix of local and regional travel? Whether it’s long or short-haul travel you have planned, assess your most common transport routes and go from there.

This means taking an overview of your fleet activities. You should work out the average distance of journeys made by staff, as well as where in the country they take place. If you notice a pattern emerging, then tailor your card choice accordingly.

For example, a business based in Bristol that sees 95% of journeys within a 20-mile radius has no need for a fuel card that has great coverage in London but not near them.

Image of a delivery driver at the wheel of a van, with a parcel in the foreground on a seat

Get the most suitable business fuel card

Not every fuel card is created equal. In fact, every product we offer has its own unique package of benefits – including where it can be used. An important consideration is therefore the breadth of the network available.

With thousands of UK fuel card sites across the country, it’s important to know which ones you have access to. This means doing your homework and knowing not just where you’ll want to use a fuel card, but also how.

Some products offer access to cheaper fuel at motorway services, while others will be more suited to rural locations. It all depends on the type of travel you regularly undertake.

Fuel cards offer great flexibility, but you need to get the one that has lots of options in the places you visit. It’s also important to make a decision based on the best prices in your area.

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Save money with more efficient journeys

Meanwhile, making the most of your fuel card expenditure means maximising the efficiency of your journeys. Diversions to pick up extra fuel or drivers getting lost can have a big impact on expenses.

Every year, countless hours can be lost by drivers not knowing where to fill up. However, our Drivers Club app can take the guesswork out of travel planning. It tells you where the nearest fuel stations can be found. This allows you to reduce wasted mileage, as well as offering a range of premium services and extra benefits.

Get in touch with us today to find out about the options that are right for you. You can fill in our quick and simple enquiry to get access to the best fuel cards today.