Fuel Card Services Ltd – Diversity and Equal opportunities Statement

Statement Purpose

DCC wishes to communicate its overall commitment to and principles of diversity and equal opportunities.

Our Commitment and Principles

DCC is committed to recognising and appreciating the variety of characteristics which makes individuals unique and embraces the benefits of bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with diverse skills, qualities and experiences.

DCC also promotes the fostering of a working culture which is fair and inclusive, enabling all employees to make their distinctive contributions to the benefit of the group.

Employees throughout the Group are expected to contribute to a positive working environment by supporting colleagues and treating others with respect, dignity and courtesy and not to discriminate against or harass other members of staff, regardless of their status. We expect our Managers to exercise leadership in this regard by discouraging prejudice and to lead by example through their own behaviour.

We extend this same openness to the way in which employees treat all customers, visitors, suppliers, business partners, clients, former employees, and the communities in which DCC companies operate.


DCC recognises that a diverse workforce not only benefits individuals by helping create a positive working environment in which DCC Company employees can develop rewarding careers but also enriches our pool of talent, bringing new ways of thinking and enabling us to understand better the needs of all of our customers and provide outstanding service.

Equal Opportunities

DCC provides equal opportunities to all existing and prospective employees recognising that our success is dependent upon the quality, effectiveness and skill base of our employees. We are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all our employees and specifically to prohibiting discrimination which is unlawful in the jurisdiction in which the employee works.

Implementing our Commitment and Principles

DCC companies may already have addressed diversity and equal opportunities in their respective policies and procedures; nevertheless, they should ensure that these policies fully reflect the Group’s overall commitment to and principles of diversity and equal opportunities and specifically:

Promote and maintain an inclusive and supportive work environment which affirms the rights of individuals to be treated equally, fairly and with respect and enables them to fulfil their potential. Each Company policy should set out that:

It undertakes to recruit, develop and retain the best employees by valuing the varied skills and experiences they bring to the business.

It invests in employee development and encourages an honest and open culture which values the differences between us. This includes, for example, dealing with job advertisements, recruitment and selection, training and development, opportunities for promotion, conditions of service, pay and benefits, conduct at work, disciplinary and grievance procedures and termination of employment as applicable in the relevant jurisdiction in which the employee works.

Ensure that policies, procedures and practices direct and guide the way in which employees conduct themselves both personally and professionally and deliver fairness and consistency of approach while at the same time valuing individuality. For example, the policy may set out what is and is not acceptable conduct.

Ensure that policies, procedures and practices set out the way concerns and  complaints will be handled and how it will deal with any breaches of the policy.

Make sure that Managers and employees of the DCC Group are aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to diversity. It is the responsibility of all employees to sustain a culture and approach to our work which supports our principles of diversity and equal opportunities.

Encourage Managers, employees and our external contacts to value and proactively support diversity.

Better reflect and understand the customers and the communities we serve in order to continue to deliver excellent service to our increasingly diverse customer base as DCC grows and develops into new markets.

Ensure that policies, procedures and practices comply with DCC’s overall commitment and principles and the legal requirements in the relevant jurisdiction. Review policies, procedures and practices implemented where necessary and appropriate.


May 2018