Confirmed: Fuel cards aren’t just for cars and vans

Written by: Abaranji Sivakumar, Last updated:13th February 2023

Fuel cards are being used by thousands of companies to pump around two million litres of petrol and diesel into company cars throughout the UK every single day.

However, data from Fuel Card Services has uncovered some unexpected users of fuel cards, proving that they’re not just for your run-of-the-mill fleet car, van or HGV; they are actually being used to fuel virtually anything with wheels and an engine.

In addition to the thousands of saloons and hatchbacks filled up using fuel cards, Fuel Card Services has noticed that they’re also called into action to fill the tanks of 543 concrete mixers, 36 cranes, 34 gritters, 59 line painters, 127 livestock carriers, seven fire engines, 12 mopeds, a snow plough, a tar sprayer, a bulldozer and two tricycles.

More than 56,000 panel vans are topped up using fuel cards, making them the most common vehicle type, followed by 30,000-plus estate cars.

This amount of diversity and variety probably shouldn’t be so surprising, considering the fact that around 55,000 customer organisations of all sizes and types from every area of industry, commerce and the public sector take advantage of fuel cards to keep their company vehicle on the road.

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Vehicle types that use fuel cards

  • Bulldozer – 1
  • Concrete mixer – 543
  • Crane – 36
  • Fire engines – 7
  • Gritting vehicles – 34
  • Line painters – 59
  • Livestock carriers – 127
  • Mopeds – 12
  • Snow plough – 1
  • Tar sprayer – 1
  • Tricycles – 2

Data correct as of November 12, 2018