A friendly demeanour makes all the difference in customer relations

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

customer relations

The importance of a friendly outlook should never be underestimated when it comes to serving your customers best, and this is precisely the attitude we take at Fuel Card Services.

Groundworks specialist B&J Contracting have been in touch to highlight the sterling job that one of our account managers has provided in bringing them onboard. It just goes to show that going that extra mile will always bear fruit when building new relationships.

Graeme Neal, manager and foreman at B&J Contracting, stated: “I usually dread the online chat, the robotic T&Cs that come after. Elena made the whole process from start to finish a breeze.

“It is because of people like Elena that I will be forwarding your business on to other clients and friends that I have in construction. Thank you for the start of what I hope to be a great relationship with FCS.”

B&J has yet to work out its typical monthly spend on fuel. However, with six vans and cars as part of its fleet and a need for both petrol and diesel fuels as a result, access to the All Star One fuel card and the support of Fuel Card Services means there could be great things in the pipeline for this budding relationship.

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