Young drivers call for driving lessons at school

Written by: Simon Pavey, Last updated:11th August 2020

Driving lessons at school

The number of young people learning to drive has been falling, but nearly half of those who pass their tests believe it is so important that it should be taught at school.

A survey by the Young Driver driving school quizzed 1,000 motorists under the age of 25 on the question of how important driving is to them, and found 44 per cent believe it should be on the curriculum; even though some people will leave school before they are old enough to qualify.

The poll also found 39 per cent believe not being able to drive would close doors for them.

By contrast, the number of young people learning to drive has dropped by 20 per cent in the last decade.

This may suggest there is a contrast between those who may be motivated by factors such as environmental issues and easy access to public transport – particularly with the growth of city centre living – and those who may drive as part of their jobs, such as fleet drivers.

Others may see driving as a necessity because they live in areas poorly served by public transport.

Young Driver found that 19 per cent could not do their current job if they were unable to drive; the equivalent of 6.25 million people.

Marketing manager at Young Driver Laura White said: “Driving is a useful skill, which can open up a world of opportunities which might otherwise be impossible. But even beyond that, it also has the ability to give people a sense of freedom and confidence. Sixty five per cent of the drivers we questioned said they enjoyed the feeling of freedom driving gave them, and our research also showed it gave people self-confidence they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

Indeed, she added, lessons with children as young as ten have shown that they can gain considerable confidence from learning how to handle the controls of a car.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “Many young people don’t fully realise the benefits of being able to drive, not least for work.”
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