Winter is here. Are your drivers prepared?

Written by Ellie

The first flurries of snow have already settled in the highlands of the UK, but for most drivers, the notion of a cold winter is a distant if not an unlikely prospect. After all, last year was mild. So was the year before. And isn’t the planet warming up?

Sure, some headlines forecast “the coldest winter for years” for the UK last year, but don’t they always? So what’s the worry?

The potential problem here is less about what the weather will do and more about what your drivers will (or won’t) do. Here’s the thing: modern vehicles are a marvel of engineering; we just always expect them to work. Whatever the weather. Yet cast your mind back a few years and you’ll recall two-foot high snow drifts in the far South of England and abandoned vehicles at the foot of steep hills.

It happened. Many vehicles simply couldn’t cope, and despite global warming, it can easily happen again. In fact, some of the weirder effects of global warming can lead to even colder winters.

As anyone who was a Cub Scout knows, preparation is everything. And by the time we reach adulthood, we should all know this. Yet according to a Highways Agency survey, 63% of UK drivers don’t check their anti-freeze, water or oil before setting off on a journey in winter. Almost half of all UK drivers don’t carry out any winter checks on their vehicle at all.

Yet it only takes a few minutes for your drivers to carry out these checks. As well as looking after their vehicle, it’s also well worth them preparing an emergency kit too in case of a breakdown.

Winter happens, and even if it didn’t last year, 2017 may yet surprise us.

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Posted on 23rd January 2017

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