What does it take to go for gold at the Olympics?



  • It take drive
  • It takes discipline
  • It takes competitiveness
  • It takes self-confidence
  • It takes focus
  • It takes commitment
  • It takes raw talent
  • It takes adaptability
  • It takes emotional maturity

It takes the above to be an athlete, to be successful, it takes these things to be amazing.



So why isn’t skill on that list?

Surely you must need great skill to go for gold, to be successful in your chosen field. Well, there’s a difference between skill and talent. Skill is a learnt ability, it is acquired or developed after you put in time and hard work. Raw talent is your natural ability, it’s something you’re born with that you can then hone. So when we at fuel card are looking for new people to join us, we look for talented individuals not just skilled individuals. We are proud of how we develop new account managers, we support your learning and teach you new skills; but to be successful with us, you have to take the skills we teach you and pair it with your raw talent and ultimately, you will be successful and you will achieve gold!

So, will you be amazing today?


Are you?




Posted on 9th August 2016

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