Webinar aims to help drivers beat distractions

Written by: Fuel Card Services, Last updated:11th August 2020

Distracted driver

A free webinar aimed at fleet drivers hopes to reduce the frequency of road accidents by educating motorists on how they can beat distractions when they’re behind the wheel.

Brake is to host the online event, which is to be delivered on October 10th 2019 as part of its Global Fleet Champions programme.

Expert advice on hot topics for fleet owners

This not-for-profit initiative was launched this year and offers training, tools and guidance on fleet safety best practice, alongside networking opportunities for businesses.

The webinar will provide expert views on how fleet professionals can reduce driver distractions and includes topics such as:

  • Why drivers get distracted
  • Why distraction is a serious road safety issue
  • How policy can help to reduce driver distraction
  • What measures employers can use to identify drivers at risk of being distracted
  • The addictiveness of particular technologies
  • How education and communication programmes can raise awareness of driver distraction

The senior fleet officer at Brake Sarah Plumb said: “Hazards can arise at any time and a moment’s distraction can have fatal consequences. Preventing driver distraction is one of the most important things that fleet managers can do to make their workforce safer.”

Anyone interested in the webinar can sign up for free on the Global Fleet Champions website and simply needs to ensure they are able to attend remotely at 14:00 GMT+1 on October 10th 2019.

Ellie Baker, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, comments: “It’s all too easy to allow something to take your attention away from the road, but driver distraction is becoming a serious problem. We fully support awareness initiatives such as this and would recommend that fleet owners participate if they can.”