Visibility boost for truck operators

Written by Ellie

Volvo Trucks has announced the development of a new technology the company claims can help to improve safety for all road users by providing a means for 360-degree visibility for drivers of its models.

Now in an initial testing phase, the system is not expected to be made available to the public for at least five to ten years, but the company hopes it could revolutionise road safety when introduced.

Much like a human driver, the technology is able to draw upon multiple senses and predict the likely outcome of unfolding events around the vehicle, meaning it can offer recommended courses of action to the road user to help to prevent accidents on the road.

It draws on cameras and sensors positioned around the vehicle to prove a 360-degree understanding of the situation it is in at any given time. This data is then used to either alert the driver or to automatically affect areas like steering or braking when reaction times need to be fast to avoid an accident.

Mansour Keshavarz, systems engineer at Volvo Trucks, commented: "In many ways the technology serves as a co-driver – but one that can see all around the vehicle.

"It can also alert the driver to things that are happening with an alarm signal or braking, for example, so that they can react to avoid a collision."

Volvo Trucks traffic and product safety director Carl Johan Almqvist stated the system carries out a 360-degree scan of its surroundings every 25 milliseconds, ensuring it is able to react faster to impending dangers, even those the driver may be completely unaware of as they emerge.

He added he hopes that one day all accidents involving the company's vehicles can become a thing of the past.

"This unique technology has taken us yet another step towards our vision and will hopefully save many lives in the future," Mr Almqvist concluded.


Posted on 7th October 2014

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