UK warned of ‘slow progress’ on road safety

20th June 2017

UK warned of 'slow progress' on road safety (image credit: iStock/Marjan_Apostolovic)

The UK may be falling behind its European peers in achieving progress in tackling the number of deaths on our roads, a new report has warned.

According to figures published by the European Transport Safety Council, the UK is currently making the "slowest progress" in reducing its volume of annual road fatalities.

It found that the number of UK road deaths diminished by just 1.4 per cent between 2010 and 2016 – placing the UK ahead of only Lithuania, Malta and Sweden out of all existing EU member states.

Responding to the report, spokesperson for UK road safety charity Brake Jason Wakeford commented: "It's a disgrace that there are currently no UK targets for reducing the number of road deaths and we are calling for a UK target to be set as a priority for the government."

He went on to call for the creation of a new Road Collision Investigation Branch, to help better understand the influencing factors that lead to road crashes and learn valuable lessons that could lead to fewer accidents in the future.

In addition, Mr Wakeford asked that the European Commission implement new vehicle safety standards, including the introduction of Intelligent Speed Adaptation technologies, which can ensure motorists remain within the speed limit at all times.

Molly Benton, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: "Road safety across the UK must remain a top priority for the government, even with the distractions of political upheaval following the general election and ongoing negotiations in Europe over Brexit."