Tyre safety awareness boost for female motorists

Written by Ellie

Vehicle safety charity TyreSafe has announced the launch of a new partnership that will see the body spread its message more effectively to members of the fairer sex.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club has become the new industry partner for TyreSafe and will now look to engage with its members on the issue of essential tyre safety, such as carrying out regularly inspections and understanding the basics of knowing when a tyre is becoming unsafe and needs to be replaced.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, commented: "With the number of female drivers on the road increasing at a faster rate than men, it's important that we help women become fully informed about tyre safety.

"Thanks to FOXY's support, we are now much better equipped to do this."

The pair worked closely during last year's Tyre Safety Month in October, with the company even recognised during TyreSafe's annual awards ceremony later in the year.

With a female-only membership, FOXY now has a unique position in being able to promote the message of improved tyre safety awareness to women up and down the country over the coming months – something both parties are equally committed to achieving.

Indeed, FOXY founder Steph Savill added: "I want FOXY to get more involved in this area, not just during Tyre Safety Month but on an ongoing basis, so busy women can be educated and understand the safety implications of their tyres."

Both parties will now work closely on the creation of new awareness campaigns for tyre safety in the UK and look forward to helping to reduce the significant number of breakdowns and accidents that take place every year on the UK's roads as a result of faulty or badly-worn tyres.

Posted on 26th February 2015

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