Typical UK motorist racks up 556k miles and spends £168k

Written by Ellie

Do you ever stop and think how many miles you’ve racked up in your car? Well, new research has finally provided some big numbers regarding what we get up to during our life behind the wheel.

The average British driver will clock up 556,764 miles over their driving life, according to a survey of almost 2,000 motorists commissioned by AutoEurope.co.uk in February.

Within that colossal mileage, there will be plenty of heated moments with motorists suffering 2,709 episodes of road rage, beeping the horn 2,399 times and having 1,935 arguments with fellow car occupants.

Most interesting is the average motorist spends £89.67 a month on fuel, amounting to almost £70,000 over their time behind the wheel – an expenditure that can easily be reduced for business vehicle drivers with the use of a fuel card – apply here.

Other significant lifetime costs include £28,444 on servicing, £9,404 on parking, £28,122 on car insurance and close to £11,000 on repairs and MOTs. The tax man will also slice off £116 a year, totalling £7,504 over a lifetime.

The research also found that over the course of a week, your regular car driver covers 165.7 miles and spends seven hours behind the wheel.

During our driving lifespan, we’ll mess up more than 2,700 parking manoeuvres, sing along to the radio 7,817 times, while female motorists will also apply their make-up 3,637 times from behind the driving seat.

A spokesman for AutoEurope.co.uk commented: “It’s amazing to consider what the average car goes through in that seven hours a week we are spending in them. We know how owning a car can give people a big sense of freedom so it might be the case that it’s worth every penny.”

Natalie Brinkley, brand manager at Fuel Card Services, adds: “The cost of motoring is always under the microscope and it’s eye-opening to finally see what goes into a typical life behind the wheel.”

Posted on 27th March 2017

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