Too much news is still not enough

Written by Ellie

Artwork-600Nothing beats reaching the end of the week and looking back to find that every item on Monday’s ‘To Do…’ list now bears a healthy tick. Every vehicle has managed to get from A to B, occasionally via Z, without too many problems. The drivers have all performed their various duties admirably. Everything has been handled successfully, from long-term planning to daily routine, and all of the paperwork has been put to bed.

You even kept track of all the news from around the world that might be relevant to somebody managing vehicles. Well, perhaps not. There is never enough time to wade through the avalanche of news. Blame technology. Once upon a long ago, a brief daily charge through the newspapers, with a more leisurely skim of the trade press, sufficed. Back that up by watching the evening bulletin on the box, and having one ear on Radio Four while driving to work, and you had it all covered.

Throwing “fleet management news” at Google gives 13,000+ matches for that exact phrase. Next, you try “fleet news,” “vehicle news,” and various other searches. Then, you look at the clock and wonder where the day has gone. Even without vehicles to manage, the Internet is no place to spend your life. An experienced online researcher, armed with the tricks of their trade, can reduce the impossible to the merely difficult.

What is the solution? One answer is to subscribe to the major fleet-specific news sources. Looking for fleet-relevant news is what they do for a living, so they are very good at it. You can then be confident of catching 90% of the important stuff, usually more. The problem is that even a 99% success rate will mean missing at least one or two snippets every month that you would have wanted to see.

Enter Fleet Matters, created to catch the stories at the edges of the news. Every issue offers news that might have escaped your attention. Either the dedicated fleet publications have overlooked an angle or have simply missed the relevance altogether. As an example, the latest edition includes a piece on UAVs, with a warning of potentially significant implications for anyone managing vehicles. It is real, it is serious but you just will not find it in the mainstream media.

Fleet Matters goes beyond highlighting the stories you might have missed. It explains briefly why the news is important, with succinct guidance on what you should do about each topic. Some need immediate action. Others alert you to an issue to monitor. Sometimes, there will be a reminder of something that you already know, but may be taking for granted. With five key topics in each edition, you need to read and keep Fleet Matters.

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Posted on 8th September 2016

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